How to increase Wi-Fi signal

How to increase Wi-Fi signal

Do you spend your time walking around the house or office looking for the best Wi-Fi signal? That won’t happen anymore after reading the tricks to extend the wifi signal at homeboth mobile and other devices you have.

So, can the wifi of the router be increased? The answer is yes thanks to the tips that we will share below. Keep reading and discover in Tecvideos how to increase the Wi-Fi signal in different ways.

Change the location of the router

Although it seems obvious, the location of the router can mean that the Wi-Fi signal at home does not reach all rooms in the same way. So, check the position of the router in your house and move it if necessary.

To get a good Wi-Fi signal, the router must be in a central location, away from walls or columns and at a reasonable height, away from the ground. Also check that the antennas of your router are pointing upwards, that is, at 90 degrees. This trick is basic to have a good signal.

Update the router to increase the wifi signal

Increasing the Wi-Fi signal of your router is possible by finding a good location and, of course, updating it. To do this, you must have the control panel username and password your router. This can be obtained by calling your Internet service company. You must also have the Firmware file of your router updated to the latest version.

Once the above is done, enter your IP number in the search engine and enter the data they gave you. Next, you go to the section to update the Firmware and upload the file that you have downloaded, so it will be updated and you will see how it will start to go better.

check the channel

To carry out this trick to extend the Wi-Fi signal you receive, you must know what channel your Wi-Fi uses to work and if it has good traffic or is congested from other networks, which can slow it down.

Downloading the wifi analyzer app You will be able to know which channel your network is connected to, see the ones that are freer and also how to have free Wi-Fi from home. When you know this, go to the control panel of the previous trick in the “Current channel” section and change it to the recommended channel in the app.

Improve wifi signal with aluminum

If you want to know how to increase wifi without booster, you should try this trick. Is about place an aluminum canor failing that, aluminum foil, in each of the router antennas as an amplifier.

It goes without saying that the can must be empty, dry and trimmed to work perfectly, you will immediately see how the signal propagates.

Download apps to improve the Wi-Fi signal

This trick is about 3 apps that improve your network in various ways:

  • Open signal. It offers you a compass that shows you which direction has a better Wi-Fi zone in your house.
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer. Shown above, this app gives you detailed information not only about your Wi-Fi network, but also about your neighbors, as well as the channels used by each network.
  • Network Signal Speed ​​Booster. When you install it, it will start working and reset your router so that it remains as if you had restarted it to solve small problems, which can be the cause of low signal.

use a repeater

If none of the above tricks work, the best way to extend the wifi signal of a room is placing a repeater. In this way, the signal spreads in such a way that it will seem that you have more than one Wi-Fi network. You can get the best repeater for your network through the company you have contracted or by buying the device yourself

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