How to improve the quality of a video

How to improve the quality of a video

Videos have become one of the most used forms of expression, especially on social networks. However, sometimes the device being used for filming may not have a quality camera. As a result, videos result in unclear images and are not optimally enjoyed.

if you want to learn how to improve the quality of a video, in this TecVideos article, we will show you in detail. Here you will discover some tips, programs and applications designed for this job.


Tips to improve the quality of a pixelated video

Use a editor for improve the quality of a video it’s simple. You just have to follow some tricks making use of the features provided by the tool of your choice.

  • Apply a sharpen filter: The filter and focus menu of the editors have a focus filter. This is responsible for sharpening the image by identifying the edges and making them thinner. To improve the quality of the video, you just need to increase the focus in the settings.
  • Apply smoothing or video smoothing: When removing grainy or scratchy parts in an analog file, smoothing filters are most effective. You can try the available ones to determine which one offers the best results. However, apply them sparingly.
  • Adjust color correction: the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and levels They help improve the lighting, shadows and color balance of the video. Trying them individually is the best option to decide which is the ideal combination.
  • Use noise removal or reduction: Analog noise (lines, dots, and gradation) can be removed by the noise reduction filter, providing a sharper image.
  • Apply the stabilizer on shaky videos: Feature provided by some editors reduces shakiness found in motion recordings. Jitter is compensated for by shifting the entire frame to correct it.

Programs to improve the sharpness of a video

Thanks to some of the best video editing programs, you don’t need to be a professional to improve the quality of a file. Generally, you only need to import the video into the program, apply the filters and export your final project.


ShotCut is one of the best alternatives when it comes to improving the quality of a video for free. It offers various features such as color correction, cropping, transitions and automatic orientation. Likewise, it allows changing the resolution of the content in question according to what is required.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the best known for editing videos, especially by improving their quality. It allows you to configure the resolution of your video manually and adjust it to the one you want. It has very creative resources, such as filters, layers and texts to improve the footage.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is the easiest if all you want is change video resolution. It is only necessary to open the program, click on “File” and configure your project with the default resolutions. Then, finish your work by exporting the final result and saving it on your computer.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve focuses on video scaling and is very easy to use. It has numerous editing functions, such as overlapping elements and clipping fragments. In addition, it is compatible with different formats and has a simple and comfortable interface.

Apps to improve the quality of a video on Android and iOS

You may have a video in your gallery that you like and want to share, but its image quality is poor. If so, do not give it up for lost, because with the best apps to optimize videos you will get a successful result.

Beuty Cam

It is a free camera application that has numerous functions that provide quality results in videos. Some of your options are HD Video, Photo Sphere and Panoramic Photography. It features easy-to-use effects from professional cameras, with control of speed, exposure, focus, and more.

best camera

This HD camera app is packed with all the necessary features to deliver quality videos. Have 4K camera, professional capture and filter superb camera. With it, it is easy to make considerable improvements to your projects and make changes to their basic aspects.

hd camera

This baghouse has various functions, such as Quick Snap, Photo Sphere and HD videos, in addition to panoramic photography. Its professional effects are convenient to use, as well as offering real-time filter previews.

HD professional camera

With this application your videos come to look like 5K, providing a unique capture experience. In it you can configure the different functions according to your preferences, and choose between the types of videos and photos.

The Pro feature is more detailed with the features it offers to its users, such as SCE, ISO and AF. In addition, it has a beauty camera that removes all skin blemishes in one click.

video shop

This exclusive application for video editing will allow you to modify your footage as if you were a professional In a simple way. It has a nice interface that makes it easy to understand the work you are doing. With it you can edit the image, modify its resolution and even improve its audio.

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