How to find out who doesn’t follow me on Instagram

How to find out who doesn't follow me on Instagram

Do you suspect that you have lost followers and want to know who has removed you from their following list? If you wonder how to know who doesn’t follow me on instagram or who unfollowed methis Tecvideos article is for you.

Instagram is one of the most used social networks, so whether it is for your business, for your personal brand or just out of curiosity in your personal account, it is very useful to know who watches our content or who has stopped following us to identify the reasons why. that we have been able to lose followers. To get the most out of it, here we leave you the best tricks and applications to know who has unfollowed you on Instagram from mobile or from PC.


How to know who follows you on Instagram on PC and mobile

when searching how to know who follows you on instagram on pc and mobileKeep in mind that there are different alternatives. Each one adapts to the operating system you are running. Next, we will indicate the steps to follow so that you know your followers.

Know who follows you on Instagram on Android

To get started, go to play store apps and download an app called Unfollow.

It is true that there are other applications, but this is the best known. Once you are inside the application, you must enter the username and password of the Instagram social network.

Accept the conditions of use and all the terms and you will be able to use the application. On the screen you will see a panel that indicates several options:

  • mutual followers
  • fans
  • copy followers
  • non-followers
  • White list.

Just go to the tab where it says non-followers and the detailed list will appear.

Know who does not follow you on Instagram on iPhone

The steps to follow are very similar to the previous ones, with the difference that you will have to download another application. The ideal app for iPhone is known as Followers Track for Instagramyou can also download another one called Reports+.

You will also see a list with the different options, in addition to the non-followers section.

How to find out who follows you on Instagram on PC

If you want to check the followers from your computer, you will have to install a browser extension Google Chrome. Is named nFollowers – Instagram dashboard.

To use this extension, you must have the Instagram account with the password saved in Chrome. Otherwise, you will have to enter your data.

To use the extension, click on the icon and a window will open where the analysis begins. The options are exactly the same as on previous platforms.

  • not followers
  • Following
  • Mutual follow-up.

Just choose the people who don’t follow you and you can remove them from your list.

Other apps you can try are Crowdfireapp and Follower Meters.

How to know who does not follow me on Instagram - How to know who follows you on Instagram on PC and mobile

How to know who does not follow me on Instagram without applications

The best thing you can do is manual checking of followers, which is even the most reliable way. Obviously, it is not a very striking option if you are going to look for many people. But if what you want is to find someone in particular, nothing better than this.

The first thing you should do is open your instagram account, either on the mobile phone or on the computer. Of course, it’s also possible that you don’t know the exact username of the person you want to verify. In this case, you only have to search for their personal name and it is very likely that it will appear.

On the other hand, it is also convenient that you look for it in your list of followers or followers. In fact, this is the method, check the list of your followers manually. Fortunately, the app has added a search bar that makes things a lot easier, in case you’re using your phone. The steps to follow are those:

  1. When you are inside the list of people you follow, select the user you want to verify.
  2. Later, go to their profile and click on the exact same section as yours.
  3. Once the following list is displayed, you will be able to manually look up your username.
  4. Unlike other apps or social networks, Instagram doesn’t automatically tell you if you’re being followed. But that doesn’t mean it’s a secret. if your name does not appear in the following listyou know what it means: they are not mutual followers, so you have to make a decision about it.
How to know who does not follow me on Instagram - How to know who does not follow me on Instagram without applications

Beware of applications to know who does not follow you on Instagram online

As you have noticed, there are several applications that let you know who left me follow on instagram pc. Obviously, not all of them are reliable, but we are not only talking about computer security. It is true, some can be full of viruses and infect your mobile phone or computer.

However, we refer to the efficiency or precision with which they work. The social network security it is so high today that practically no application is capable of doing a complete analysis. Of course, the alternatives that we have described in this post are very appropriate and reliable.

computer crimes

Keep in mind that every time you use a third party page you are providing your login information. Of course, we do not mean that all these programs are created by cyber criminals. But it is likely that some of them use your data in a harmful way.

If you don’t want to compromise your confidentiality, you know what to do. Don’t trust all apps, much less the ones you see in the web banner ads. They are probably scams, and even if nothing bad happens, they may not give you good results.

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