How to edit a video so you don’t see your face

How to edit a video so you don't see your face

Entering the world of social networks means constantly being in the public eye, becoming the target of criticism and scandals. Therefore, the ideal would be to be able to keep your identity hidden. If you want to remain anonymous this article is for you, at TecVideos we will show you how to edit a video so you don’t see your face.

And you will ask yourself: How can I be a public figure if I don’t show my face in the videos? But it is possible, then we will explain the use of some applications that will allow you to pixelate a face in a video. In this way, you will be able to create content on networks in a safe way.


With which tools can I edit a face?

There are multiple applications or tools designed to cover this need for anonymity, the best thing is that they are available for all devices. So you don’t have to look too far to find one that is easy to use. But of course, in addition to that, we are interested in being able to perform the task successfully.

So, if you have a PC, an Android device or an iPhone, TecVideos shows you how you can use any of the applications and websites below:

Edit a face from a PC

An efficient video editor is VSDC and besides being free, it has several ways to edit a video so you don’t see your face. To access this application you just have to enter the name on your computer and it will take you to the download access page.

Once installed, you open it and a menu is displayed with everything you need to edit the face in the video.

To do so you must follow these steps:

  1. Export from your gallery the video you want to modify
  2. In the menu look for video effects
  3. You go to the filter option and choose the one called DeLogo
  4. Once you have done steps 2 and 3 you will have a picture with a blurred edge
  5. You can adjust the position and size to your need and cover the face
  6. You have the option to blur, mosaic or pixelate the respective frame.

Another way to pixelate face It is using the free form mode and it is also quite simple.

You do the following:

  1. As with the first option you must insert the video in the application
  2. Then in the menu you click on the free form option
  3. With great care and precision you outline the face you want to configure until you have cut out the exact shape
  4. Then you proceed to go back to the original video layer without editing and select copy
  5. Click 2 times on the free form layer and paste the video in that tab
  6. In the blend mode menu select the source un option and apply the pixelate filter.
How to edit a video so that the face is not visible - Edit a face from a PC

With which tools can I edit a face?

Now, if you make your videos from your mobile device, it will be important to edit your YouTube videos professionally. On the other hand, as with the PC, from the cell phone you can also pixelate a face for your video.

An app that is trending on Android devices to accomplish this is PutMask. It has tools that are ideal when covering the face in videos and also, it is not difficult to use it.

Next, we will show you the steps to cover a face from the application:

  1. After entering your application store and downloading it, you must access the permissions and allow storage.
  2. Once that is done, you enter the video to edit from the gallery
  3. You should look for a box that registers the faces that you must cover manually
  4. In the menu press ‘face track’ and select ‘phase detection’ to apply a frame on the face
  5. In edit you click on the face you want to pixelate and you can choose the color of said edition
  6. And ready! You just have to choose the quality you want and save the video.

In addition, you can also pick any other object from the video that you selected and edit it so that it is not visible. The purpose of all this is to be able to keep your identity secret if you want to.

How to edit the face from an iPhone?

If you have an iPhone device, there are also ideal applications to edit a video and hide your face. The best thing about these apps is that you don’t have to be a techie to use them successfully.

Thinking of those people who are not friends with technology, MovStash is available. It is specifically for pixelating faces quickly and easily.

These are the steps you must follow:

  1. After installing it and accessing all the permissions it requires, open it
  2. It presents you with a not very extensive menu, but it is very simple in which you only have to go to the gallery and select the video
  3. Once the video is inserted, you only have to select one of the 4 filters that it presents in the options bar
  4. By recommendation you can use ‘pixelar’ which is the first and better fulfills the role of hiding
  5. You place it on your face and slide it over the screen so that it occupies all the recording space you want
  6. You can play it back to make sure it edited well and then save it to save.

An important point about creating content for social networks is that all the videos that are uploaded are of very good quality. This will make the difference between many other videos available. Here you can find the necessary tools if you want to improve the quality of a video.

now you can edit a video to cover the face no matter what device you have at your fingertips. In addition, this hiding the face generates a certain intrigue that can be useful to position your videos quickly thanks to curiosity. Or if, on the other hand, you want to simply hide your face for security, you will have all the tools to achieve it.

How to edit a video so that the face is not seen - How to edit the face from an iPhone?

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