How to create custom skins and stickers for PS4 and PS3 – Find out!

How to create custom skins and stickers for PS4 and PS3

Every PlayStation gamer would like their game console and controller, whether PS3 or PS4, to be a unique piece, different from the rest. You will be able to carry out this wish by putting the image you prefer using the best custom PlayStation vinyls and stickers.

Known how to create custom skins and stickers for ps4 and ps3 with this practical article from Tecvideos. This is a very creative solution to personalize your PlayStation. It will carry an image chosen and made by you, a great way to personalize your PlayStation.

We are going to have two folders on the screen that are the skin of all PS3 and PS4 models, which you can download in the video. When you have done it, you go to the web page and open a series of images. Select which one is yours, if it is PS3 or PS4.

Then you open another image of the Dualshock controller. Look for the image that you are going to design for your PlayStation. You save it and then put it on the screen where the open folders are. You move the image over the controller and lower it to the right. Adjust it and hit save. You already have the custom controller.

You take again the image you want for the console. You give to edit and then to free transformation. You put OK and do the same again, put it below and then adjust it to your liking.

In the folders, you must select the model of the vinyl stickers for ps4 controller personalized that you like, as well as the description of the video. The PS4 controller will open there. You select the image with which you want to design. Also, you can look for one on the Internet. You put the image on the command to make vinyl template for playstation 4 2019 and place it under it. Adjust and save.

Then you do the same for the sides and the top and bottom of the PlayStation 4. You edit in free transform, hit OK and put it back under your PS4. You save it and then you do it with the other two parts.

You can use this website: Free PhotoTool. Also, here we leave you Skins for PS4 and here Skins for PS3.

How to create custom skins and stickers for PS4 and PS3 - How to make custom skin for PlayStation 3 and 4 and Dualshock

For the PS Slim and PS Super Slim You print it on an A3 size sheet. Check to see if your home or office printer has the option to print at that size. Otherwise you have to go to a printer. In the case of dual shock controller, the print is on a normal A3 size sheet. Sure you can do it at home. You put it in a Word horizontally and you give it to print. If you do not have this size you will have to take it to have it printed.

For the PS4 there are different print sizes, depending on which PS4 you have. In the case of having a normal ps4, you can do it on an A3 size paper. If it’s a PS4Pro you are going to have to print in an A2 size which is a large size and you have to go to typography. Finally, the command dual shock 4 You are also going to do it in an A4 size, put it in Word horizontally and print it.

First you cut out the templates to remove the white background for create free skin for ps4 and ps3. One way to stick it is to have a adhesive paper double sided The other way is with adhesive tapes to adhere to your PlayStation.

It should be noted that some advantages are that this option will make your PS a focus of attention because they look great on both the console and the controller and that they are simple to make and not very expensive to print.

On the internet you will find a wide variety of custom ps4 controller stickers to choose. Now, it is important that you familiarize yourself with it so that you choose one that is to your liking. Remember that there are different templates that can be customized, and others that already come with predetermined shapes.

There are designs with fire, military style, space, science fiction, practically the options are endless. However, one of the recommendations we give you is to make use of the video games that you like the most. That’s right, search the web for options stickers and skins of the titles that have marked an entire generation.

Here are some ideas to consider when customizing your console controller. Of course, they are all possible to download for free from different digital media.


minecraft stickers

Minecraft is one of the quintessential games with years on the market, and it is still quite played. That nice checkered and pixelated style is appealing to all gamers. Of course, if you want your controller to have the same design, download some minecraft templates it’s a great strategy.

In fact, it is one of the titles that offers more customization options in the case of controls. There are custom templates for different controllers regardless of console. You may want to play on PS3 or PS4 or use the stickers on your computer controller.

Resident Evil PS4 controller stickers

This is one of the most memorable sagas of all time, and some remakes are still being made today. If you want your console to have that gloomy style, nothing better than covering the controller, and even the entire console, with resident evil stickers.

Custom Fortnite PS4 controller stickers

If there is a top multiplayer online shooter and battle game, Fortnite is the title that stands at the top. It is one of the current sensations and thousands of players play it day after day. Therefore, a controller template is a very nice way to personalize your gaming accessory.

Assassin’s Creed Template

This is another of the most played franchises in all of history, although it is true that perhaps the last titles have not been as impressive. However, if you are a fan of the saga, there are hundreds of designs on the Internet to download. From the first title almost 15 years ago, to the latest installment set in Norse mythology.

It is possible to find personalized templates, as well as stickers ready to print and paste.

Personalized PUGB PS4 controller stickers

Another shooting and battle games in real time with greater acceptance in recent times. Needless to say, there are many templates to customize the console, including the controller. Therefore, we encourage you to try any of these options, and even exchange them when you consider it necessary.

How to create custom skins and stickers for PS4 and PS3 - What are the best PS4 controller stickers

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