How to create Android games for free

How to create free android games without programming

if you wonder how to create free games without programming, this article is perfect for you. We will show you what are the best apps to make mobile games and completely free of charge. Now it is possible to create free Android games without programming or professional programs, just using really simple platforms.

Apps to create Android games without programming

For create free games without programming and in an easy way, there are interactive tools with a good interface. The world of video games is attractive to most people who use a mobile phone.

In the following list, you can learn how to make an android game without knowing absolutely no programming. You will only have to assert your creativity by resorting to the tools offered by these applications. We present you the best of the moment: with them you can create excellent offline games.

draw your game

Draw your Game is one of the best apps for create free games without programming for free. As its name indicates, you will simply have to draw in the application to give shape and life to your video game. The colors black, blue, green, and red are used to identify static surfaces, moving objects, bounce zones, and items of destruction.

It is possible to create an infinite list of video games, which you can also share with other users.

GameCreator Demo

The Game Creator sample version allows you to create free android games without programming in a very entertaining way. It offers the creation of platform games, shooters, adventures, run and jump and even games with RPG features. It has a sprite, object and level editor, as well as the possibility of adding music.


Learning how to make a mobile game without programming has never been so easy before this application. Simply, in Struckd you have to use your creativity to combine rules and universes on this platform. It is possible to develop 3D games and even receive advice from other users who use the same platform.

epic game maker

Oriented in the development of video games in 2Dthis is an excellent free editor for create platform games. Epic Game Maker has a level editor, a pleasant interface and different characters to add to the game. Its operation is simple, since you only have to draw the objects on the screen and organize them according to the environment.

Pocket Build

For make an android game without knowing how to program, this platform provides an effective alternative. Pocket Build is ideal for building an open world with beautiful 3D graphics. The possibilities are endless, including people, trees, buildings, animals, castles, towers, fountains, and much more.

How to create Android games for free without programming - Apps to create Android games without programming

Apps to design games for Android (intermediate level)

On the other hand, if you are looking program android games, but you don’t know where to start, there are other platforms that are really appropriate. In fact, one of the easiest ways to develop video games is to use mobile platforms. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading this informative article.

It is important to emphasize that you probably know some of these platforms. They may even have had a hand in creating other famous games you’ve played. Be that as it may, check out these additional apps, they are truly amazing.


It is one of the applications for create android games easier to use, without requiring expert knowledge. It’s free for a month, but then you have to pay a $17 membership. On the other hand, it allows you to publish the content of your video game on many platforms for different operating systems.

In addition, it grants the possibility of using templates, so that you do not start creating from scratch. Simply choose one of the templates and customize to your liking. It is a complete tool to create arcade and platform games.


Stencyl is a company dedicated to program android games, which also sells its users many possibilities. The creation of 2D video games is quite simple, and you do not have to know anything about code. However, if you have basic knowledge of programming, you can improve much more the video game creation.

The only disadvantage is that it only allows you to publish the games on Internet pages. If you want to upload it to any store, you will have to pay the subscription of the application.

How to create Android games for free without programming - Apps to design Android games (intermediate level)

How to program Android games (advanced level)

If you have a more ambitious idea, for example a shooter, adventure or platform game, there are other alternatives. The above programs are effective for simple games, but you may want to go deeper into developing your own mobile game. In this case, you will have some additional options.


This program is one of the most effective tools if you want to create a game, but without knowing how to program. One of its main benefits is that it is Open Source, so the customization is total. It works with an event system, so there is no need to apply any language of programming.

And of course, you can publish the games on all kinds of platforms without any problem. At the same time, creating a game is really easy as there are many examples to try in the app. Also, many tutorials are located on the website.

game maker studio

As in the previous case, it is a event driven application where you can customize hundreds of things for your games. It is a really simple tool that works for all types of platforms. Of course, if you want to play with more advanced parameters, knowing some programming is excellent.

Unfortunately, it’s not a free app, so you have to pay around $39 a year, but it’s well worth it.

How to create free Android games without programming - How to program Android games (advanced level)

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