How to Create a Server for MINECRAFT PE

create minecraft server

How to create my own server to play with my friends?

To create our own server to be able to play with our Minecraft Pe friends, whether they are Console, PC or cell phone users

In this case we will use a page that will create our own server and we will be able to customize it to our liking

Being able to have today Our own server of Minecraft Pe to play with our friends is a bombshell

Being able to play from anywhere on the planet with our friends is incredible! Just by placing the server address within our game, we will be able to play this great game remotely


The servers are huge online worlds, created by our official partners – nice people from the Minecraft community itself.

Each one offers its own kind of fun, with unique mini-games that let you compete or collaborate with friends (and friend-foes), huge “living rooms” where you can hang out with other players, and huge custom worlds to explore.

There are numerous types of Minecraft servers, usually distinguished by what level they are, or how players are supposed to act. Some special types of server are based on the use of Map Editors


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