How to connect the mobile to the TV WITHOUT CABLES in 2021

Connect mobile to TV free 2021

Would you like to watch the series downloaded to your mobile directly on your home TV? Learn to use the best applications to connect mobile to tv with Tecvideos. They are extremely effective, free and safe apps, with which you will know how to connect the cell phone to the TW via Wi-Fi, without any problem and in just a few minutes.

Pay attention to the incredible tricks that sync your mobile to the TV so you can see on the big screen what happens on your phone, for example, videos, games, movies, series and much more.

screen mirrorer

The first thing you should do is download the app and open it directly on your mobile. Then, you will have to accept the permissions and, finally, you will have to activate them in Wi-Fi both on your mobile and on your TV so that they can be synchronized through the app.

Once your two devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then the button will appear in the application. Autoplayyou will have to click and that’s it, you will be able to see everything you do on your mobile directly on TV.


If you want to connect the mobile to the TV without cables, then, you will have to purchase the Roku app for free. Like the previous procedure, proceed to connect both the mobile and the TV to the same internet network.

Then you will be presented with a menu with different options that will automatically play on your TV, for example, the browser, gallery, even YouTube.


Among the most famous free apps to connect the cell phone to the TV, QuickCast is without a doubt. It is a free download platform, which immediately detects any Smart TV without the need for cables.

Once you have synchronized your TV, you will be able to manage everything from your mobile so that its content can be seen on the television screen. In addition, within the same app you can find pages of movies and an extremely varied menu to enjoy to the fullest.


Like the previous applications, this one is 100% free and safe, with which you will be able to cast mobile screen on any TV no matter if it is a smart, HD or traditional TV.

This platform is complete because it will allow you to carry out millions of functions, among the most innovative, you will be able to listen to voice notes and audios from your mobile directly on the television.

Screen Stream Mirroring

This application is, without a doubt, the new method to see the phone on TV, it is very easy to use and it is the only one that allows you to do it directly. Once you download it, it will show you the wide menu to connect to, for example, Internet browsers, video platforms, movies and much more.

You can share all the audiovisual material on your mobile with your TV and, in addition, enter websites such as YouTube to make direct streamings. Do not hesitate to download it because we know you will enjoy it!

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