How to Bold on Facebook

How to Bold on Facebook

If you have ever wondered how to bold on facebook, in this Tecvideos TV article we will clarify it for you. On certain occasions, you may want to emphasize a comment or emphasize a specific point. Nothing better than bold, since they draw attention to a certain part of the text.

Now if you’ve tried make letters bold on Facebook, surely you realized that there is no native option. As a result, you may not have been able to emphasize that signature phrase in a post or comment. Don’t worry, there are some tricks that you probably didn’t know that will be very useful.

Whether you use Facebook or another social network, bolding letters is a great way to make words stand out. The strategies that we are going to analyze are used for the chat, the comment box and the publications in general.

As we already mentioned, the text editor of the social network does not have built-in functions to write in bold. Therefore, you will have to resort to a text converter on-line. One of the most common of all is YayTextquite simple to use and very intuitive.

Before explaining how to do it, we want to give a warning. Most people have no problem displaying bold text in their browser, but this text cannot be read by voice assistants for people with disabilities.

Also, some browsers, especially if the android version is old, have problems displaying the text.


Bold letters in normal text

The first thing you need to do is write your post. You only have to type the text, just as you would normally do, but without clicking on publish. After this, use the YayText text converter.

Open the page and paste the text you want to publish in bold, specifically in the “your text”. Hit copy on the font style you want to use, and the formatting will be saved to your clipboard. You can try several options to see which one best suits your tastes.

Once you have chosen the font, you just have to replace it in the original publication. Paste the text and automatically you will see the difference. Hit the ‘Publish’ option, and you’ll notice how the text is unique, distinctive and outstanding.

Put bold letters in large text

Actually, the procedure is very similar to the previous one, practically identical, but you must take into account some aspects. Facebook adjusts the font size automatically, depending on the number of characters. So if you want the post to be in large size, write few words.

Keep the text short, so the font is bigger, and the bolds look much better. Again, copy and paste the text what do you want to publish in Facebook and upload it on the platform YayText. Our recommendation for this circumstance is that you choose the Sans style, which best matches the platform.

On the other hand, if you want a more stylish format, the font Serif surely you will love it. After choosing the style, copy and paste it into the post box and you’re done.

Follow the same steps above if you want to change the font on Facebook in comments or chats. We suggest that you do not use excessive bold letters, because you could overload the text.

How to Bold on Facebook - How to Bold Letters on Facebook

Apart from putting bold and italics, you can also use another type of font. Again, Facebook doesn’t offer a native option, but that hasn’t stopped third-party platforms from providing great alternatives. Access the Unicode websitewhich although it is in English, is very simple to use.

Copy and paste the text of the publication in the Unicode search bar, click on ‘Show’ and a list with different styles will be displayed. Select the one of your preference and use it in the publication.

How to Bold on Facebook - How to Write Different Fonts on Facebook

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