how do i log out of hulu on my tv


How do I change my Hulu account on my smart TV?

How to switch profiles on Hulu using your smart TV Use your smart TV’s remote or connected device, navigate to your account icon. Select “Profiles” from the menu that appears. Select your preferred profile.

How do I log out of my Hulu account on my Vizio TV?

On the main page of the Hulu application select the top row that has the categories. If you scroll all the way over to the right, there is an icon for account. If you select this icon there will be an icon to sign out of the account.

How do I switch users on Hulu?

How to switch profiles Hover over the name in the upper right corner of the page. Select the profile you want to switch to from the list of available options.

How do I delete Hulu from my smart TV?

From the main menu sidebar, go to Settings > Applications > Hulu > Uninstall.

Can’t logout of Hulu on Smart TV?

How to log out of Hulu on a smart TV or streaming media player Using the remote for your TV or media player, start the Hulu app. Select “Account” or choose the account icon with your profile name beneath it. Select “Log out.” … Confirm that you want to log out of Hulu.

How do I change my Hulu account on Roku?

Re: Change from one Hulu account to new Hulu account Go into Hulu on Roku> then arrow over to the account which are initials in a circle. Click that and will give you option to log out of that Hulu account. Tap yes that you are sure. You will be able to sign in with the account you prefer to use.


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