Why Your Hisense TV Remote Not Working

The Hisense tv remote not working is a common problem that many people are facing. The reason behind this issue could be anything from the batteries to some kind of interference.

However, there’s no need to worry as we have come up with a few solutions for this problem which will help you find the right solution for your Hisense tv remote not working issue!

hisense tv remote not working

The Hisense tv remote control not working is a problem that many people have been experiencing, and it’s one of the most common issues with this TV. Here are some possible solutions to solve the issue.


What is Hisense TV Remote

Hisense tv remote control is an essential piece of equipment if you want to operate the device without facing any hurdles. It lets you access all your favorite channels, movies, and other stuff on demand!

The Hisense tv remote control comes in many different shapes and sizes but they have some common features that make them easy to use. These remotes usually come packaged with remote control and a user manual.

Why Is My Hisense TV Remote Not Working

The Hisense tv remote not working makes it easier for you to operate your devices with the help of buttons that are present on these remotes. These buttons allow you to access different features such as picture settings, sound, etc without facing any hurdles while operating them.

The Hisense tv remote not working issue could be due to different reasons. A few of the most common problems are listed below. The batteries in the remote might be dead or low on power. In this case, you can replace them with new ones and see if that solves the problem.

How to Fix Hisense TV Remote Not Working

There are a few solutions that you can try if your Hisense tv remote not working. The first thing you should do is to check the batteries and see if they need to be replaced. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you might want to try some of the following methods. You can use these methods to fix Directv TV Remote Not Working too.

Check for battery life

If your Hisense Roku tv remote not working, then you need to check if there is any battery left in the device. This can be done by pressing and holding something on the back of the device while turning on your television. If there isn’t any power left in either of them, then try replacing or recharging them both before continuing.

Make sure he has synced properly

Sometimes when we connect new devices to our TVs they don’t sync properly right away which means that the remote will not work. To fix this issue, you need to go into your TV settings and then select ‘re-sync” for both the device and the remote control.

Reset Device

If none of the solutions that we have provided work for you, then it’s probably time to reset your device. This can be done by unplugging and plugging back in the TV after a minute or two with no buttons pushed on any remote control. If this doesn’t fix anything, try holding down all three red-colored buttons for at least 15 seconds or until you see all the lights turn off on your device.

Replace Remote Control

If none of the above methods work for you, then it is probably time to replace your remote control if they don’t fix anything over a period of a few weeks. This could be due to some kind of interference that can cause this issue.

Check for signal interference

The Hisense TV remote not working issue could be due to some kind of signal interference which is why you need to check if your TV has an antenna, cable, or satellite boxes nearby that interfere with the signals through the airwaves. If there are devices like these near your TV then try moving them away from your TV.

If none of the above solutions work, then you will have to contact customer support or a technician who can help you with this issue. You might also want to consider replacing your Hisense tv remote control if nothing else works for you.


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