Best Hidden Camera Detector App for Android and iOS

Hidden Camera Detector: Someone is watching you like in the hotel rooms/ trial rooms/ offices anywhere in your private place?? Feeling anything suspicious happening all around you? First of all, don’t get panic/ worried about these things. Just cool, relax and if you are on the point as some or other watching you, then simply try these best camera detector apps suitable for your Android OS.

Yes, absolutely!! With these simple and useful hidden camera detector apps, you can able to locate the secret cameras superfast and come up with a perfect solution to get rid of such things wonderfully. The installation process is very simple and however, we have come with certain best-hidden camera detector apps that are compatible enough with the Android OS.

hidden camera detector

If you like to learn more also not a problem. Post a comment. So that we keep updating you with various and 100% effective hidden camera detector apps on time. But now let us go and concentrate on each and every hidden camera detector app mentioned in simple and easily understandable words right below.


Hidden Camera Detector App for Android

These top camera detector apps usually introduced for enhancing complete security. That means the app you have installed in your mobile held responsible to detect the spy cameras placed anywhere whether in your private space or public space in a very less time period.

Today you might have seen in both reel life as well in the real-life that placing these spy or hidden cameras and started misusing them. Now we can put check for all such things just picking the best, installing and using it immediately after you feel something bad vibes or suspicious respectively.

  • Detectify
  • Glint Finder
  • Hidden Device Detector
  • Hidden IR Camera Detector
  • Radarbot

So let’s go, and go through each to learn the usage, importance of the app in our daily life. Here we go.


One can say Detectify simply as Detect Hidden Devices App supported by the Android OS. By taking the help of this app, you can safely detect the spy cameras placed especially in your private place. The algorithm used in it is held responsible to detect the potential hidden devices and at times the app itself going to act like a radiation detector held responsible to locate or monitor the radiations released through the devices.

hidden camera detector app

Moreover, featured with certain components like spy camera finder, microphones, detecting listening devices and spy bugs, what not!!!! The only thing you have to move the app towards the suspicious place and scan it especially the holes or gapes located in the corners of the room. In simple, you can say this as the best bug detector app and highly rated too suggestible for a lot of users who are lying in the big number.

Glint Finder

The Glint Finder also one of the android-based camera detector apps held responsible for using the best retro-reflection of one particular’s camera flash in order to identify or locate the shiny objects placed all around you. Moreover, this app going to work more effectively on identifying the camera lens/ contact lenses more perfectly.

best hidden camera detector

Moreover, it is designed by setting up the device’s flash rate in terms of cycles per second, adjusting the one particular device’s flash duty cycle, toggle to right for highlighting the glints by taking the help of image polarity feature involved in it. That means whenever the retro-reflections shows up in terms of highlights, the toggle says by switching to ON/ OFF. So, thereby it is very much easy to locate.

Hidden Device Detector

To detect on Spy cameras, this app is developed. It is available for free and supported by any of the Smartphone having an Android version as an operating system. It is highly rated and preferred by numerous users. The feature called Radiation meter held responsible for showing the possibility of placed spy devices in an effective way.

hidden camera detector how does it work

Most people prefer this only because to detect numerous unidentified or hidden cameras, bug detectors, and many more at the right time. So, therefore, try to install the application and begin the process of identifying hidden cameras in a very less time period. Be sure you have scanned the entire room in the hotel before falling asleep. Doing so very much important for enhancing greater security.

Hidden IR Camera Detector

Among various, this is one of the most well-used and acts as an important tool comparatively. Wo likely to fill up their private space more secure will undoubtedly choose this. And it detects all because of emitted Infrared radiation. Also, remember the infrared light is going to be unseen to the naked eye. At the same time, it also uses the magnetic field to detect the camera, varying in readings.

hidden camera detector app for android

However, the app is featured with special camera filters, an Infrared remote detector, IR camera detector, spy camera detector, and many more. Also, held responsible for allowing a comfortable stay while you have landed in any of the hotel rooms/ trial rooms/ public washrooms any private space respectively.


This is available for free of cost. And in other terms called a speed camera detector or just a speedometer. It is the only application that held responsible for combining the real-term alerts including the top speed camera detection system through the one and only GPS. One more interesting point about the app is completely safe and reliable.

best hidden camera detector app

Moreover, through the application, you can get aware of things like real-time traffic, speed camera warning device, speedometer in a more effective way. Components like tunnel cameras, ANRP cameras, traffic light areas, potential mobile cameras, fixed speed cameras, and many more were included within the application. It absolutely monitors everything and works to deliver accurate results.

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