Is for honor Crossplay 2021 – A Complete Guide For You

For honor is an action video gameplay that is published by Ubisoft and released worldwide in 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation4. It is one of the popular game that allows the player to plays the roles of the Historical soldiers,  warriors, that includes the samurai, Knights, and Vikings. If you are the history geeks, then this is one of the best games that you can go for and the game worth checking out. Before including through the Xbox’s game with the gold program it is been free to try or play. You might be probably wondering what is for honor crossplay.

Unfortunately, currently Ubisoft has no plans for the cross-play. But they reported that their goal is to put the cross-play on all the PVP games to make it cross-play one day. It would be pretty good not to have the dimensional lines in-game but also to blur the lines between the gaming platforms and also you can play the games with your buddies on either of the Play station4, PC, or Xbox One.

for honor crossplay

In the traditional sense for able to join the lobby with anyone who is playing in the world, there is no platform play for Honor. Moreover, in this case, the gameplay between the keyboard and the mouse and the traditional controllers are quite varying. Let us know for honor crossplay or does for honor have crossplay for the below discuss topics.

Why Aren’t All Games Cross-Play?

Here we have provided you some of the reasons why aren’t all games are cross-play. Therefore, you can go through below given reasons why all games aren’t cross-play.

does for honor have crossplay

Technically Challenges

At the same, all the platforms have to receive updates, on all cross-play games. For an illustration, the developers have to release the update on all platforms like Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Play Station4, if they want to launch the big update of the game. The game with the lower base might suffer matchmaking issues, as in some games the gamers with the old version of the game can matchmake with the other gamers who have the old version of the game.

Advantage Issues of the Platform

Developers don’t want to hear any of the complaints from the gamers like their performance was got affected by an opponent with a better platform than they did. Below we have provided you an explanation of how PC gamers cheat and take the advantage of the Mouse and the Keyboard.

Decision of Business

The gamers might stick with their console, as the manufacturers prefer exclusive games. More exclusivity of the games is not the new one but by the console manufacturers, these permanent exclusive games are often funded from the players.

For illustration, if the gamers like the exclusive game on the Play station4 then they probably have to buy the PlayStation even they don’t like it when compared to others. This is the reason it is common to see gamers on both the Xbox and Playstation.

Cross-Platform Play – Advantages

Here we have explained a few of the advantages of cross-platform play. Below listed are the advantages of cross-platform play.

for honor crossplay pc xbox

Easy Match Making

More gamers in the Game tend to more Matchmaking. Players can only with the same platform players. For struggling games like For Honor, cross-play can improve the matchmaking time. This cross-play is not just matching platform timing but also it is better for skill-based match-making too. Moreover, for the fair play game,  most of the gamers want to match with the equally skilled opponent, and instead of the 2-3 fragmented ones, a large community can resolve these issues.

Can Play with the Friends own Other Hardware

When we talk about the cross-platform, you even play with your friends who own the other platform is one of the best things about the Cross-play platform. You can play with your friends together without spending on new hardware, even if you have the PlayStation and the friends have the Xbox or PC.

Can Play with the New People

matching with the same old people is one of the most relevant complaints reported by the honor players. If you play with the same people every day the games with a low player base may become boring. You may not notice this if you occasionally play these games but the players who play this every day have claimed this. Moreover, most of the players would like to play the game with the new players with whom they never played before. So, this crossplayer will provide you a bigger player base so that you can match and play with the new people.

Cross-Platform – Disadvantages

Here we have provides the disadvantages of the cross-platform in the game. Below is the list of the cross-platform disadvantages.

for honor crossplay pc

PC Gamers – Advantages

Because of the powerful hardware and the peripherals they used, PC gamers have the most advantages. For the PC gamers, the Gameplay framerates can go beyond 200 fps and it is a max of 60 fps for the console players. To offer the best control over the character it is best to use the keyboard and the mouse and even the gamers can take quick actions. Most of the gamers don’t use the keyboard and the mouse though they can use the inclusion of the PC gamers can be a disadvantage for the console players. and we think that it’s not fair.

Graphical Customization

PC gamers can customize the graphics gameplay settings whereas the Console Player cannot. In competitive gaming, to understand the enemy location the PC gamers have the ability to tweak the shadows and the darkness. And even to get the better framerates, PC gamers can reduce the overall graphics, which is another disadvantage of the Console Player.


In the games like the Warzone and the Modeernwarefare, many of the PC cheaters use the aimbots and the wallhacks. Last year Infinity ward issue over the 70k bans against the Warzone cheater, they try doing the same again by creating the new account for free. From the game settings, the console players have to turn off the cross-play.

CrossPlay Video Games – Popular Games

The list of some popular cross-play video games. Then go through the given list to know about the games and their supported platform.

Disadvantages of Cross-Platform Play

  • Dauntless – Play Station4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC.
  • Dead by Daylight – Play Station4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC.
  • Guns of Icarus Online – PS4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Final Fantasy XIV – PS3, PS4, macOS, Windows.
  • Fortnite – Play Station4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, PC,  Mobile, PS5.
  • Rogue Company – Play Station4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, Xbox Series5.
  • Realm Royale – Play Station4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC.

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Finally, for honor crossplay has a different way. Regardless of which platform you are on, while you can’t play together all of the contributions to the game’s fiction war. Moreover, all the for honor have the single faction war. If you have any doubts on the does for honor have crossplay feel free to text us in the comment section. Stay Tuned to Techy2Tech for more updates.

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