How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

Why is the firestick remote not working? Have you ever wondered why firestick remote not working is such a common issue? The firestick remote might become nonfunctional due to different factors that are often hard to pinpoint.

Nevertheless, there are several things that could be done in order to fix the firestick remote which will allow you to easily overcome firestick remote not working. In this article, we will show you firestick remote not working solutions that might help you out.

Firestick Remote Not Working

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What is Firestick Remote

Firestick Remote is the fire receiver in a digital media player that can play movies and TV shows. This device is an example of cutting-edge technology and is designed with the user in mind, who would like to enjoy content without any hassle or hassles.

Hence, this affordable streaming player provides the best experience possible with the minimum input from the user. It comes equipped with voice search which enables users to find their favorite content easily by just using their voice. Nevertheless, there are instances when you are not able to use your fireTV remote because it does not work properly or sometimes refuses to respond at all. However, don’t be anxious as it might take some to fix the issue meanwhile have a look on Roku remote not working and its issues.

Why is My Firestick Remote Not Working?

We all know the firestick remote is very useful for navigating the firestick interface. It is easier than pressing firestick buttons on a firestick device which can be time-consuming. But most firestick users fail to use the firestick remote properly due to the absence of knowledge or not taking care of properly. And that leads firestick remote not working, just like firestick users.

In the firestick remote control, there are buttons for an on/off firestick power button, menu navigation, and long press of home firestick button to open the home page which helps you to navigate firestick with ease. But firestick remote can also stop working if the firestick device is not configured properly or the fire OS updates too frequently and firestick fire remote pairing is lost causing firestick remote not working.

How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working?

If the firestick remote not working, you can see the below methods and fix the issue by yourself.

Fix Firestick Remote Not Working by Factory Reset

Factory Reset is the easiest and most efficient method to fix firestick remote not working. Follow below steps to perform Factory Reset firestick device:

  • Open Fire TV App on your firestick.
  • Go to the Settings icon (gear icon).
  • Scroll down and select the Device option.
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see the Device Details button.
  • Press it to open the Device Details Window.
  • Now, go back to the left side of the screen where settings are visible. Press the Settings icon again there.
  • Here goes all fire stick settings window opens up for you now. You can see the Device option there.
  • Scroll down to select the Reset to Factory Defaults option. And that’s it firestick will be reset and your firestick remote not working issue will get fixed soon!
  • After re-pairing firestick remote with fire stick, if still fire stick remote not responding, please go for next method.

Changing Batteries Of Fire Stick Remote

You can also fix firestick remote not working by changing the batteries of fire stick remote. Follow the below steps to change the batteries of fire stick Remote Control:

  • Open back cover of fire stick by pressing a small button on the bottom of fire tv device with a sharp tool like pencil etc.
  • Then fire stick back cover opens and the firestick remote receiver comes out.
  • Take out the firestick remote battery from its holder carefully.
  • Now, put new firestick remote batteries into firestick. Put the power button side inside. After that, your fire stick remote not working issue will be resolved soon!

Repairing Fire Stick With Fire TV Device

If you have paired fire stick to Tv earlier and something went wrong and now your fire TV is unable to detect or connect with fire stick, then try this method also called as fire TV fire stick pairing process again to fix the problem of fire stick remote not working. Follow fire Tv firestick paring process below:

  • Turn on the fire TV device and fire stick also.
  • Now, press the HOME button in the firestick remote to bring up Firestick Main Menu again.
  • Go down to select Settings option in firetv home menu.
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see the Network Details button.

Press it to open Network Configuration Window for firestick with IP Address details etc. Now your IP address is visible there at bottom of this window on the left side of the configuration window for fire tv.

  • It is highly recommended to write down your IP address (found in the above step) somewhere since the firestick has to be connected with fire TV via same WiFi connection.
  • Now, you will need to check firestick fire TV paring settings by following below steps:
  • Go down to select Settings option in firetv home menu again.
  • Now, look for it under the Device section (if your firestick remote is still working then go to any other menu on fire Tv and come back to this step). You can see the Pair or unpair button there for firestick device paring settings. Press it now.

FireStick Buttons Not Working

Buttons usually do not work firestick fire TV remote. If fire TV firestick pairing process has been performed and fire Tv firestick pairing is already done, and still fire stick buttons not working, then try fire tv home button press to bring up firetv main menu or other firestick fire TV menu again and perform a factory reset for your fire Tv device. Factory Reset Fire TV Device:

  • Go to the Settings option in the Home screen of your fireTV. It can be found under the Device section on an android box just like fire stick home button under the device section.
  • Now, go down till you find Developer Options there at bottom of the settings list. Press it now.
  • After that go down further to select Factory Reset Option below Reset & Delete option. Press Factory Reset fire stick option there now.
  • It will ask you again to confirm fire stick device factory reset fire TV, press Yes firestick button from fire Tv firestick remote to proceed with fire stick factory reset firetv process.
  • Well, that’s it. You have just completed your FireStick device Factory Reset and now you can go ahead with the next section on how to connect fire tv firestick pairing again with fire stick remotes.


I hope the article on firestick remote not working is very clear and useful for firestick users. If the firestick fire TV paring process given in this article is followed correctly, then the fire stick remote control issue will be resolved for sure and users can enjoy the firestick devices without fire stick remote not working issues. For more information simply visit our Techy2tech website.

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