Dual Core vs Quad Core: Whats The Best Laptop?

Dual core vs Quad core? what is the best core for our basic needs? So in this article, we will have closer look at Dual core processes and Quad core processors.  Generally, If you would like to buy a laptop the most important thing that you consider is the Specs of the computer like processor, Memory, Storage, Monitor or display, and many more.  The most important thing that people check for is the Power of your laptop.

The memory that the Laptop uses i.e., RAM and the processor it uses are the two things that dedicate the power and speed of the computer. If you are a game lover then the graphics card is the crucial specification that you choose for and for your day-to-day activity chooses the Processor(CPU) is considered important. There also different processors that you can choose having different amounts of cores, mostly Dual-core and Quad-core.

Dual Core vs Quad Core

What are these cores mean and what is the use of them, which one is going to be the best for your needs. Well, you discuss what are the Dual and Quad-core processes in this article and know about dual core vs quad core.


Dual Core vs Quad Core

The Core they have is the simple difference between the Quad-core process and Dual-core processes or quad core vs dual core i.e., Dual means two core processors, and Quad means Four-core processors. Your Laptop can run simultaneously based on the cores that it has. The more cores you have it runs more simultaneously.

dual core vs quad core

As moving forward to 2021, many people choose the Quad-core processor as there is an increase in the laptop ability for multitasking and also program becoming more and more in demand on the devices. Dual-core enough when are performing a single task at a time and also for the casual internet users who don’t have much work rather than Browsing and not much else.

When you start to do the intensive task on your computer then you can choose the Quad-core especially when you would like to perform more than one task at the same time. Which means that any high-end 17-inch laptop will come with at least 4 Quad-core processor.

What does Core Mean?

In these modern computers, you may have the 5, 6, 7, or even ten cores in your processor. What do the cores do or is it beneficial? Let us discuss in detail them. There is no need to have more cores as the number of cores is essentially the amount of the processes that the device is able of running at the same time.

This means Dual processes can run the two processes whereas the Quad-core processors run the four processes. Presently, 128 is the maximum amount of core that you get in the CPU, though it is not standard for the user to use. Currently, there are 18 cores in the Intel core i9 processor.

quad core vs dual core

For example, if you would like to play a game like Minecraft which is used only three cores, so there is no need for 8 cores. So, there is no necessity of having a powerful core processor as isn’t the case for more scenarios. But most of the moderns laptops use 8 or even 10 core processors.

Most of the i7 processes have the 4 core processor but the recent models have up to 8 cores as I would like to recommend them as the best option for those who are looking for the latest and new laptops that last for 5 years and more.

Comparison between Quad Core Processor vs Dual Core

Compare the differences between dual core vs quad core from here.

Dual Core Processor

  • The dual core processor in terms of speed is not as fast.
  • Energy Consumption: As they have the two cores, it consumes less power or energy.
  • It cannot perform the multi or many tasks simultaneously.
  • It doesn’t heat the Gadget.
  • Good graphics has lacked in the Dual core processor.

Quad Core Processor

  • Quad Core processor is considered to perform quickly.
  • Since they have four processors, it consumes more energy.
  • Simultaneously, it can perform many tasks.
  • The Gadgets get heated and cause a great deal of heat.
  • Quad Core processors have superior and high-quality graphics.

Main Differences between the Dual core and Quad core Processes

  • Dual core processors are compressed of two processors. When compared to the single-core processors it performs well and more effective whereas the Quad core processor is comprised of the Four processors and can be considered to more efficient and proficient.
  • Dual core processor, not considered as a quick as it not performing the multi-tasking at once. As it performs the Multi-tasks at a time,  then it is considered as the fastest, which in return enhances the speed of the operations.
  • There is no energy consumption in the Dual core processors and it doesn’t heat up your electronic gadgets.  As the energy consumption is high in the Quad core processor and this in return will heat the electronic gadgets and purchasing the cooling system may afford you more.
  • Dual core processors can’t perform the multitasking as it is the Dual core processor and whether they performing the multi-tasks or not, when they running the program, they can choke involving larger resources. A quad core processor can run multitasking as they have a quad camera and it can ale to run the program having the large resources efficiently.
  • As the Dual code processors don’t have numerous processors, it doesn’t heat the gadgets, Whereas the Quad code processor heats up the devices as it is having a large number of processors.
  • When compared to the graphics it is not graphically accepted and one ought to improve in the CPU to improve their graphics. The Quad core processor is graphically acceptable as it is having a better CPU with the four core processors.


In the final words if you would like a laptop, dual core vs quad core which is better, then the Quad core processor is the best choice. Nowadays there are no cores available in the processors, When it comes to the premium range laptops the quad and dual core will become less popular. To complete heavy tasks like gaming and online software editing you can consider the 6 core processor and many more for more information visit our Techy2Tech website. Hope you find this article dual core vs quad core helpful and if you any doubts text us in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates.

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