How To Fix Directv TV Remote Not Working

Why is Directv tv remote not working? Directv tv remote not working can be due to several reasons, including battery problems, physical damage and many things. Nothing works better than directv help and phone number when directv remote not working.

Directv tv remote has many features like volume, channel control and direct tv button to easily watch direct tv programs without any hassle. directv customer service for directv issues is one such direct result online search that will provide you best results.

directv tv remote not working

Whatever the reason why you are having problems with your directv remote, there are several methods on how to fix it.


What is Directv TV Remote

Directv tv remote is a Directv equipment that is used to direct satellite receiver. The directv tv remote provides direct access to all services and menu.

The Directv tv remote is a wireless device that has an infrared transmitter. In Directv tv remote there are three types of batteries used that are alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries and tv remote two batteries. The device is very simple and easy to use.

Why is My Directv Remote Not Working

There are several problems why direct v remote not working, including no batteries or dead batteries in the direct v remote control device, Directv receiver malfunction, direct v box not responding correctly, etc. Here are some steps you can follow to get your direct v remote back again.

Check if there are any batteries inside the direct v remote. If there are old or dead batteries then please replace it with new cells directly. You can find extended life batteries at any local store near your home. Make sure the Directv receiver is properly connected to Direct v receiver.

How to Fix Directv TV Remote Not Working

Below are some of the most accurate methods to fix Directv tv remote not working.  Most of the time it is best to try these methods before contacting Directv for repair or replacement.

Verify Directv Remote Compatibility

It is possible that the directv remote not working issue you are experiencing is due to remote incompatibility. It could be the case that the remote you are using does not operate your device or vice versa or, it could simply mean that either your directv device has a Directv remote compatibility issue with the remote you are using or vice versa.

Read through Directv’s website to ensure that both your device and remote are compatible with each other. It is best to check website for this information because Directv has a habit of releasing new devices with remotes that are not compatible with devices released before or after their device release date.

Change Directv Remote Batteries

To rule out directv remote battery issues, check to ensure you have fresh remote batteries inside the remote. If your remote contains a cover, remove it and replace remote batteries. Ensure the remote button is flush with the remote and that remote batteries are properly installed inside the Directv remote.

Clean Directv TV Remote Sensor

To fix Directv tv remote not working due to remote sensor issues, clean remote sensor by wiping tv remote front and back case, as well as remote side buttons with a dry cloth (a wet cloth may cause remote liquid damage). Check to ensure your does not have any residue or debris on the DirectTV console that may affect the performance of remotes; if present, remove residue or debris using a soft dry cloth, then wipe again using a dry cloth.

Reset Directv Remote

To fix remote not working due to remote reset issues, you need to reset the DirectTV remote by first locating remote reset button on tv-remote (reset button’s location varies depending on which remotes are available) and holding it down for two seconds or until all remote lights flash. Afterward, try the DirectTV remote again; if unsuccessful, repeat this process several times before giving up and trying another method in order to fix remotes not working issue.

Change Direct TV Remote batteries

For most device remotes, remote batteries are common in tv remote issues that can be easily fixed by replacing remote batteries. If the above methods do not fix your tv remote controller issue, try changing the remote batteries to find out if this is the source of your problems.

Change Direct TV Remote Address

The most likely cause of the remote controller problem is the possibility that you have changed the address on your system without setting it back to factory default. To resolve this problem, change all your devices in your house back to factory settings and unplug them so they will be set at zero while their addresses are reset.


Hope the article on directv tv remote not working has advice helps you with the directv remote not working issue. If the problem is resolved, great! If not, please let us know in the comment section below so we can help you further. Visit our Techy2Tech website for more information.

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