Dell vs HP – Which Brand Is Better To Buy in 2021

Well, you are confused about choosing Dell or HP or Dell vs HP. These are the two different products people consider to choose when they are about to purchase the laptops.  But when you choose to purchase the product for private use or for a professional that would assign a lot of work.

However many people are attached to the products they are being used by them for years and for several other reasons like availability of the customer service and the lots of parts available are few of them.

Dell vs HP

We need to know a few things about dell vs hp and choosing a laptop for your need before comparing Dell and HP or dell vs hp laptops. Then go through below given steps that I mentioned below.

Things to Know about Choosing Dell vs HP

Nowadays choosing gadgets becoming the toughest job. For example in Dell vs HP, if you would like to purchase the product then we will check the no. of devices and the existing brands and their features that are existing it is not only for Smartphones but also for Laptops. Where we are willing to purchase the laptop we will consider its processor, hard drive, internal storage, Operating system, graphics card, and many more.

Where we will consider the products which are easy to use, portable, and powerful computing machines for everyday usage instead of the Desktop that we don’t even think of as we now live in the world that carve for the ultimate probability.

Dell vs HP which is Better?

If you need an inexpensive but reliable laptop you need to choose the dell vs hp, which offers you a better gaming performance. If you need the best combination of power and price you need to choose the HP, where it offers you a beautiful design, powerful hardware, and excellent quality.

Well, dell vs hp are both US brands or knowing dell vs hp laptops, Where HP is headquartered in California and Dell is headquartered in Texas. Hp was founded around world war-II, dell is still relatively young founded in the ’80s. Selecting both brands to opt to be the best can be quite difficult. However, it is not impossible. Let’s have a look on both the product and see the products are made up of. If you are google the dell vs hp desktop or dell vs hp laptops then here you gonna get a solution for your question.

Features of Dell

As we know dell is a Multi-national organization that deals with the manufacturing and distribution of Technology equipment. Dell is the best choice when it comes to the production of vs hp laptops

Dell Portable devices are suitable for the one who are familiar with the Microsoft Windows Platform. Because of its broad clientele network, dell produces laptops in a wide variety of price ranges.


Dell focuses more on the reliability of the hardware components, many users of dell users had claimed that they are not keen on optimizing the designs of their laptops. whereas some of the users say that compares to HP, that they still come up with better design ideas.

In their latest Laptops, dell introduces sleek design concepts, which has a slim appeal, and white-gold chassis that has an aesthetic appeal. For gamers, Alienware is among the top choices in the market for a gaming laptop.


Dell is not only high quality one but also has powerful components inside it. From the Budget products to the High-end products the Dell products ranges. They manufacture the laptops with the various versions, Ram, Graphics cards and so on.

If you are using the laptop for Business purposes then, you can easily find the laptop with a Core i5 6th generation computer along with the Intel HD integrated graphics card. However, you can also find the laptop with an i7 8th generation computer along with the latest graphic card NVIDIA GTX 1080.


When it comes to innovation, Innovation plays a significant role in the debate of Dell vs HP.  Whereas Dell Laptops are designed with bulky form factors that are equipped with the average dual-core processor. Dell continues to innovate in the manufacturing and design of laptops with an intention to expand its market.

On the other hand, for its Alienware laptop dell comes up with the control center, which allows the user to change their settings according to their gaming. According to many users, the Latest innovation of Dell has been limited to High-end laptops.


Currently, dell has some best-performing laptops that are available. When it comes to the performance is above average as it never quite reaches the satisfaction of the customer.  This is because, when compared to its cheap competitors, dell laptops use a high-quality fast processor and larger RAM.

When it comes to budget laptops, generally they are the bad choice as many of their processors are focused on high performance which costs higher.


It comes to durability Dell is not a bad choice for those how are looking for a laptop that lasts. Though it is not necessary for most people, Dell comes with a warranty service of 1 year along with customer service.

Battery Life

Out of full charge, we will be going to get around 7-8 hours. Which are similar to the other branded companies. The battery may be drain or battery life to suffer as the models of the Dell had a High resolution and in some cases the touch screen.

Customer service and Warranty

Customer service is one of the important things that seek if you are trying to buy a laptop. Then Dell is the best that you could choose when it comes to the warranty, where it can provide extensive Warranties.

But when it comes to the service then you could think about it as Dell has the Average customer service support not only in the US but also worldwide.


When you would like to buy a Dell that offers you good quality and better performance,  you often end up paying more when compared to the cheaper brands. Price is one of the issues where the users have with the Dell. In terms of reliability, then the price not such a big issue in Dell vs HP.

Features of HP

In the list of the HP series, the Spectre series is the best as most people would agree, which is quite similar to the Envy series. But when compare to the Envy Series Dell vs HP, the Spectre series have a larger trackpad and slighter larger capabilities. Where spectra series is good for business and Envy series is a better choice for gamers.

hp vs dell


When it comes to the HP design, it is pretty good, and in comparison to what else out there, HP laptops don’t offer anything different. They have attractive models and with their large design, it is very easy to use their trackpad. If your looking for something professional then the plain is quite good and they typically come with the plain black or chrome design.  If you’re looking for the 2 in 1 or for a regular feature then the HP has a variety of designs that you can choose from.

Build Quality & hardware

When it comes to the Build quality HP is quite behind the Dell. There are not quite on the same level as dell. But like the Dell, in their high-end models and especially in their gaming, the HP Omen tend to use the Nvidia Geforce graphics. For those who are looking For Gaming Laptops at the lower-priced laptops, HP Omen is of the top options.


Looking for the Envy line and then the spectra line, the performance of higher range laptops is great. However, HP makes the best laptops as well as the cheap or worst laptops as well. The issue always arises with the cheaper models which are more likely to break and expensive at their specifications.


HP has many complaints on their durability and there are online reviews by the HP users that from the purchase it is degrading within two years. Even though we are OK with HP laptops they aren’t competing with Dell.

Battery Life

HP has a better battery performance and it states that their laptop performance is good even after the 1000 charges. But many of the laptops should last for at least for full 8 hours of use.

Whereas the battery should be pretty good even after the 3 years of daily usage but most of the HP users found that their HP battery is getting weaker before then.

Customer Service and Warranty

When compared to the cheaper brand, HP laptops are quite better. So, it is definitely not as same as the dell. It can be really hard to get Customer service, where no users want this when they have an issue with their laptops.


The HP laptops are overpriced and of course, that depends on the laptop model that you are opting for. Even you think they are the cheapest one but still they are pretty expensive and not good value for money. But if you are choosing the cheapest quality then you can opt for the Asus.

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However, most people choose Dell over HP or Dell vs HP. There are also some of the models of HP where you can buy and for more information visit our Techy2Tech website. So, if you choose any of these that I will definitely suggest you for the Dell. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any doubts feel free to text us in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates.

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