Charter Remote Not Working? 8 Solutions to Help!

Charter remote not working? 8 Solutions to Help! If you’re having trouble with your charter remote, don’t panic! There are many simple solutions that can fix the problem. We will go over some of them below.

Most of us have had the frustrating experience of our charter remote not working. You’re trying to watch your favorite show on TV, but you can’t get the remote to work!

charter remote not working

This article will discuss some ways that you may be able to fix the problem so you don’t have to worry about it happening again.


What is Charter Remote

Charter Remote is a device that is used to control the functions of a Charter cable box. The remote transmits infrared signals to the cable box in order to change the channel, adjust the volume, and more.

This remote is also known as a Charter Spectrum remote, Time Warner Cable remote, or Bright House Networks remote. It has the same functions for all of these cable providers. Besides this, we’ve also covered a troubleshooting guide to fix Nvidia Shield remote not working here. Check it out if you are an Nvidia Shield remote user.

Why is My Charter Remote Not Working

There are many reasons why you are facing Charter remote not working issues. Some of the most common causes are the batteries in the remote have died and need to be replaced.

The infrared sensor on the cable box is dirty or blocked and needs to be cleaned and the remote is not pointed at the cable box correctly if there is a problem with the cord or wiring that links the two devices.

How To Fix Charter Remote Not Working

There are many potential solutions to the problem of a charter remote not working. We will go over some of them below:

Check the batteries

Make sure that the batteries in your charter remote are fresh. You can buy new batteries at your local home improvement store. Replace the battery with two new AAA batteries and try using it again to see if that fixes the problem.

Change Position of Your Remote

If you are having trouble getting your charter remote to work, check where you’re pointing it. Pointing directly at the cable box should be enough for the infrared signals to reach the sensor. If you are having problems, try moving the remote to a different angle.

Clean The Infrared Sensor

If your charter remote not working still and you have already checked the batteries and position of the remote, then it may be time to clean the infrared sensor on your cable box. Gently use a Q-tip to clean the sensor. Be very careful not to damage it.

Check the Cord and Wiring

If you have tried all of the above solutions and your charter remote is still not working, there may be a problem with the cord or wiring that links your cable box and remote. Try unplugging both devices and plugging them back in. If the issue is not resolved, you will need to replace the cord.

Check for Software Updates

Sometimes your charter remote may be working but there is a software update that needs to be downloaded and installed on your cable box or remote. This can cause problems with the way it communicates with each other, resulting in difficulties when attempting to control anything from the cable box. To check for software updates, go to the Settings menu on your charter cable box and select System Updates.

Get a New Charter Remote

If you have tried all of the above solutions and your charter remote is still not working, it may be time to get a new one. You can buy a new charter remote from the official website of your cable provider. If you don’t know where to find it, call the company or use their website search function.


If none of these solutions work for fixing your charter remote not working issue, then I recommend calling customer service and having them walk through some of those steps with you. They will be able to tell if there is a problem with the remote or the cable box and can help to get it fixed. If you have recently moved, then there may be a problem with your service that needs to be addressed. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Techy2Tech for any doubts or queries!

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