Best Rainmeter Skins for Gamers in 2021

Best Rainmeter Skins: We all know our Windows OS is completely customizable. For people who feel to change their wallpaper or undergoing any of the custom themes all the time, here is the good news. Yes, absolutely!!! It is very much possible with some unique and absolute desktop customization program none other than going through the various best Rainmeter skins.

This is why because the Rainmeter held responsible to transform the entire look of one’s particular desktop. Also, helps in displaying data related to the network statistics, processor usage and about the clock in a more perfect way.

best rainmeter skins

Thanks to the unthinkable and countless Rainmeter skins. Also, at the same time locating the one best suitable skin is not that difficult you think around. Very simple. Anyhow, I have come with certain interesting top or best Rainmeter skins. Go through and pick the one you like to go with. So, are you ready? If the answer is yes, here we go!!!

Best Rainmeter Skins

Even though there are various, I have come with a few interesting best Rainmeter skins right here that are compatible enough with your windows OS versions and also undergoing the download process is less amount of time is 100% possible. So, let’s go!!!

  • Ageo
  • Moderate
  • Tech-A

Now let’s go each and every best Rainmeter skins, what exactly it is and how it is going to be in simple words.


The Ageo is usually considered as one of the minimal Rainmeter skin that held responsible to bring an absolute material look over the desktop. Yes, I am Right!! This greatly includes the features like date, time, cool music player, running widget of having inspirational or motivational quotations with perfect timing.

rainmeter best skins

Apart from these features, the theme is completely customizable and it never slows your system. That means no junk files or other which might responsible for slowing down your system. Therefore try this by installing and then enjoy the wonderful theme going to appear on your desktop screen.


While coming back to one of the best Rainmeter skins like Moderate, it looks very similar to the Android user-interface. Yes, exactly the controls like toggle, launcher, music controls and many more interesting things going to be available in the home screen itself.

best rainmeter skins for gamers

Overall this is the best suitable for your desktops. Oce if you have tried this, I am sure you will never uninstall or exit such a wonderful program from your system. So why late??? Just go right away, install and start using it as a theme on your system.


Tech-A however wonderful program or the amazing compared to any other. It held responsible for displaying the horde data like RAM utilization, CPU usage, date and time respectively. Besides this, it also includes the various interesting shortcuts that are working for the desktop folders respectively.

best rainmeter skins for gaming

Also, the other things like disk partitions, however, arranged to revolve the core in a perfect way. Whoever likes to use the best professional one and likely to undergo these features, without making second thought, go for this immediately and get it on your system right now.

If you are more interested and prefer to learn various, no problem. Just mention in terms of the comment. Within a short time, we will update more and more irrespective of time!!

How to Install Rainmeter Skins

The installation process is very simple and understandable. The only thing you have to follow the instructions provided below in the form of bullet points and implement the same for avoiding the sudden causes or issues respectively. Moreover, the installation process can be down in two ways automatically and manually. Let’s top with two methods, and then choose the best simple and easier one for completing the whole thing in a less period of time.

Installing Rainmeter Skins Automatically

  • Well, various skins available within the packager can be downloaded or installed perfectly.
  • Generally, you can find or locate the .rmskin extension available in the Skin Installer program.
  • Double-click on it and run the program.

how to install Rainmeter Skin

  • You can see the dialog box listing down the items to be downloaded on your system one by one likewise skins, layouts, plugins, fonts and also the Addons.

If in case, any one of the skin is already installed in your system, it takes to the backup folder right before initiating the installation process. And they all were allowed to be unchecked right in the advanced pull-down menu.

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Installing Rainmeter skins Manually

Most of the time the skins were going to be available in unzip format or any other. Whatever let’s go and learn how to install best Rainmeter skins through the simple steps mentioned over here in the form of bullet points.

The very first, do you know basically skins come in either the RAR/ Zip/ 7Z file to be unzipped if you like to go with. So, therefore, try out these steps.

  • Install these best Rainmeter skins.
  • Right-click the archive for extracting files once after the completion of a successful installation process.

You might see the readme.txt file in the archive folder. If failed to locate, then look for the folder named as Skins and then move to it.


As a result, right-click on the icon called Rainmeter Windows Notification area and select the one and only option called Refresh all. Doing so now you can happily identify the new skins right in the context menus or manage menu without any fail.

How to Uninstall Rainmeter Skins

Would you like to uninstall the Rainmeter skins? Is yes, follow the below simple steps.

  • The very first exit the Rainmeter.
  • Download the new copy of
  • Now use the add/ remove program functionality available in windows. This is important when you likely to uninstall the program.
  • And therefore you need to erase the following folders completely:
    • Name of the Program
      C:\Program Files\RainmeterYour various Skin files found at:
      C:\Users\YourName\Documents\RainmeterRainmeter Layouts, settings, and other third-party plugins:
  • Also, delete the shortcut icon appeared on the desktop.
  • Restart the system.
  • That’s all!!!

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I hope you are very much clear about the concepts posted over here. If you still any doubts or likely to learn anything you don’t know related to the concept, you are requested to mention the single comment. We are here to help and guide you at the right time with the needful content. Like and share through any social profile or with your friends/ family about this wonderful program. Stay connected with Techy2Tech¬†for learning more and more interesting things updated right here.

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