Best PS1 Emulator for PC Windows MAC and Android

Best PS1 Emulator: In these days, you might have come across various games in different categories. And when you come back and think over PSX/ PS1, it has games huge in number. People basically show interest in playing games especially to release all their stress.

Not only the working employees, youth, kids feel lovable to play and enjoy their time undoubtedly. So therefore who all are game-play lovers, we have come with the good news. As for how the technology get started improvising, a lot of emulators from the Play Station has come into existence.

best ps1 emulator

Today, we are going to focus on such emulators supported by both PC and Android Operating System. Just be relax!!!! Go through all such useful and amazing emulators and then if you like any pick and download to make use of it in playing all our favorite games especially in free-time.

Best PS1 Emulator for PC and Android

Here we go!!!! Right below I have come with certain 100% working and effective emulators supported by both PC and Android. Whoever especially the game lovers were requested just not to rush a random unknown emulator. All that you have to go through and pick the one you like to go with based on the category of games you play.

  • ePSXe
  • RetroArch
  • FPse
  • Mednafen
  • BizHawk

So, therefore the lists of best PS1 emulator Android and PC were ready!! Go through one by one and pick any that totally supports your OS as well as suits to play for all your favorite games.


The ePSXe is usually considered as one of the best PS1 emulator available for free of cost in the market. It is greatly supported by the Windows, Mac, Linux and also Android Operating System. And never compromised in delivering high quality of PS1 emulation. Among various, this is the most reliable and preferable one.

best ps1 emulator for pc

With all its customizable controls, one can greatly enjoy their favorite play station games wonderfully. Moreover, the ePSXe includes the OpenGL graphics support including the split-screen option meant for all the local multiplayer games respectively. Also, this helps in saving and loading the state exactly where you left in the game. In simple words, if you like to learn about it, highly suggested!!!


While getting back to the RetroArch, it is the best ps1 emulator for windows 10, Mac, Linux and also the Android operating system. This is basically called as a front-end and good to choose and download all our favorite games to be played further. Features this is going to support are OpenGL, location, camera support and many more respectively.

best ps1 emulator android

The interesting part of  RetroArch is completely Netplay compatible. That means you are eligible to play, select games even online perfectly. Just like the Mednafen, one has to download BIOS files that allow us to play our favorite games anytime very well. Also, it has come with a user-friendly interface. Totally, in simple words, one can say this as a multi-platform emulator.


The FPse is an Android-based emulator. Best suitable for mobile phones undergoing the Android Operating system. The ROMS it has can be compressed and will no more undergo a lot of storage space. Moreover, this is going to support various touch screen controls along with the digital controller and the various compatible Android gamepads respectively.

best ps1 emulator for windows 10

Besides this, it is going to include a lot of customization features that held responsible for including its ability to scaling the common factors like saved, load states and the resolution to be undergone. It might not available for free but trust me whoever had come crossed this emulator was very happy and enjoying playing all the favorite games throughout the day.


The Mednafen is actually the best ps1 emulator for PC among a lot of emulators available in the market. Previously this is called Nintencer held responsible in supporting the PSX emulation very much perfectly. That means this not only supports the PSX but also the Game Boy Advance,  Super Nintendo and many more successfully.

best ps1 emulator 2021

Among various, it is a more advanced platform going to handle and support the libraries present vast in number. To make this work more effectively, you must and should come across the retro emulation needs as well as the BIOS files to be downloaded. However, this is going to run with the help of the CPU command line initially. Later through this can create the perfect layout that can be in reach.


BizHawk is also considered as the best ps1 emulator PC. This can be preferable by all casual or regular game players. That means it is going to let all the speedrunners employing a perfect tool for running various classic games respectively. Also, it supports various pre-loaded tools that held responsible for helping users to manipulate the games according to their choice.

best ps1 emulator for mac

Features like recording tools and also includes rewinding in a more perfect way. Not only the PlayStation support but also comes with numerous platforms attracting the game players large in number. So, therefore if your the PC user and looking forward to the best ps1 emulator, blindly go for it and start having fun on playing with all your favorite games.


To my knowledge, I am very clear about the emulators. If you are interested to learn more interesting emulators, or any doubts regarding these, post a comment. We are going to help you. Like, and Share this useful information with all your friends/ through any social profiles. So that the people who are searching for the best emulator might get a solution after undergoing these lists. Stay in touch with Techy2Tech for learning more and more interesting things that are going to be updated over here.

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