Best 3DS emulators for Android

Best 3DS emulators for Android

As in our article on the best PS2 emulators for PC, this time we want to bring you the list with the best emulators for nintendo 3ds. If back in the day you couldn’t enjoy the Japanese company’s laptop, or its games, it’s now quite simple to be able to do so without needing to have the console, either on your PC or mobile.

Specifically, this article is going to be very useful if you are an Android user because we are going to show you the best emulators for this operating system. Of course, you have to keep in mind that, in order to emulate 3DS games, you need a mid-range device with enough features or a high-end device to be able to enjoy your games without problems. If you meet these requirements, this list will be great for you.

Without further ado, let’s go with the best 3ds emulators for android.



We start this list emulators for 3DS for Android with one of the longest emulators available for Android users. nds4droid is quite simple to useYou can also find it in the same Play Store for free, facilitating not only its use but also its installation.

It is possible that, if you have a mid-range mobile, the program works a little slower than it should, but if you have a high-end one you should not find any type of problem to be able to play games Nintendo 3DS on Android. Although it should also be said that you may not find all the games you want to play, in addition the number of titles that it can support is limited.

Some of its best features are: the possibility of saving games, rendering graphics and even simulating the real sounds of the machine. Without a doubt, it is a great option to be able to emulate 3DS games.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - Nds4droid

Free DS Simulator

Free DS Simulator has its certain drawbacks, but it is still one of the emulators with the best functionality. One of its great advantages is that you can emulate any game from the 3DS catalogamong other Nintendo handheld consoles, and it does so in a pretty amazing way and very true to the real experience.

Also, among other features, it saves your progress as you advance in the game, allows you to customize controls depending on the type of game you are going to play. you can find this nintendo ds emulator for android free on Play Store.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - Free DS Simulator

Super NDS Emulator

Now we are going to talk about the SuperNDS Emulator, which has a lot of options to adjust your controls and adapt them so that your experience is as rewarding as possible, as well as offering you great definition in each title you emulate. It is also compatible with various game filesamong which the NDS format stands out.

It is worth mentioning that it allows you copy NDS title files and pass them to another of the available formats, and thus be able to enjoy them on your 3DS emulator for Android.

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DraStic DS Emulator

Despite being a payment emulator (you can find it in the Play Store for €4.49), it is one of the most used and best valued, as DraStic DS Emulator offers you the possibility of play all Nintendo 3DS titles. Although not all of them will perform optimally for you, it has many options for customizing the controls and the screen.

The thing does not end there, since among other of its main virtues, it offers you compatibility with Google Drive and great graphics settings so you can enjoy 3DS games at a high level.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - DraStic DS Emulator

MegaZ 3DS Emulator

MegaZ 3DS Emulator is in early access, but it is still one of the great free alternatives for emulate your favorite games. This emulator allows you to emulate 3DS and Game Boy Advance games, and they are not few, since it contains a large and varied catalog. Among those titles, you will be able to find authentic video game gems.

One of the most important virtues it possesses is, without a doubt, its great execution speed. But it is not the only thing that stands out, since it allows you to create different personalized profiles for different users and, in this way, each one can enjoy the games they prefer in their own way. Also, you don’t need to have BIOS files to use their contents.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - MegaZ 3DS Emulator


This alternative has very similar characteristics to the previous proposal, since it also offers great execution speed, the possibility of emulating the 3DS and Advance games (a lot of them) and, in addition, it is in free early access in the Play Store.

Try 3DS GOLD too offers video filters, keyboard on the screen of your device and compatibility with other external USB or Bluetooth controls. In our opinion, it is a great option to be able to emulate your favorite Nintendo 3DS games.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - Ntento 3DS GOLD

Citra Emulator

Another program that is in early access. Citra Emulator is one of the most promising proposals, since it currently has a good catalog of 3DS games and it is expected to continue to grow. In addition, it offers the possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the triggers and a pressure gauge so that, when you press any button, it responds differently.

In addition, it has a great image quality and with some fully integrated controls, so that they do not disturb the user. We are sure that it is one of the best programs that you can download on your Android. Also, if you want to enjoy a more immersive experience, you can discover How to connect the mobile to the TV to play from there.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - Citra Emulator

Citro 3DS Pro

As you can see, there are several early access emulators on this list, and this is another one of them. Citro 3DS Pro is a kind of version that is somewhat less updated than the previous alternative that we presented to you before, even so, it is still a very good emulator.

In it you can find a great speed of execution, compatibility with different external controls, a great capacity for energy saving and, in addition, it allows you to play most 3DS titles, among other important features, such as a very good screen design.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the emulators that best transfers the experience of playing Nintendo 3DS games to your Android screen.

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Best 3DS Emulators for Android - Citro 3DS Pro


You can get this emulator by downloading its APK from Google, a simple process that you surely know how to carry out. AseDS is one of the best 3DS emulators for your Android device, since it allows you to configure the image quality, customize the controls and save games.

Actually, we haven’t said anything that others haven’t, but this one gives you the chance to emulate the interface of the two screens of Nintendo 3DSbringing you closer to a more realistic and notebook-like experience of the big N.

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Dolphin Simulator

As a bonus, we present Dolphin Simulator, a high-quality emulator that has several important features. The ones that stand out the most are the following: memorize button combinations most common to indicate, with visual signals, the location of the button that you must press and, in addition, it only shows you the part of the pad that you are using, leaving you like this more screen free.

Surely it will not be the best option of all, but it can be a useful option to also emulate GameCube and Wii games, as well as 3DS games.

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