How To Fix Audio Renderer Error on Windows

When we are playing Music in the browser we notice an unpleasant audio renderer error. However, Some users on youtube come across an “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer”. Usually, this is due to the poor audio driver. This is common in the web browsers like Google, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc.

Not only on youtube you come across these audio renderer errors in the audio and video applications. So we have to fix the problem as soon as possible for clear audio.

audio renderer error

In this article, you will come to know how to resolve the audio rendering error, and how your drivers work as before.

Ways to Fix Audio Render Error on Windows

You can’t play a video and you will get a message “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer”, whenever you try to play a video on youtube. In this article, we go through how to solve the Renderer Error on Youtube. Even the below steps works (or) apply if you have the same issue on other players too.

Here are the few solutions to your problem that you have  to go through:

Restart Your Computer

This is the first thought that comes to your mind when you have a problem with your device. So, first, reboot or restart your computer and check whether your audio renderer problem has been resolved. This is the simple technique that you have to check first, if it works then you will able to audible clearly.

audio renderer error youtube

The Reason, why the maximum PC problems get solved when we restart the PC because it clears your Random Access Memory(RAM). Every Program stops when you restart your PC. This is the reason it gives you a fresh start to your computer.

Disconnect and Reconnect The Audio Devices

This is the common problem we frequently go through, Whatever, disconnecting and reconnecting your audio device (headset (or) earphones) is the short-term solution to resolve the issue. This is due to the fluctuation in the audio waves and where we go through unpleasant and inaudible audio and restart your application message.

youtube audio renderer error

This is a temporary error and most of the users have gone through it, Sometimes this also needs to restart your computer. Even now, if you  are unable to fix the problem  then go through the solutions that are mentioned below.

Run the Audio Troubleshooter

This is another method, where you overcome this issue if you are still facing the issue then make use of the windows troubleshooter.

audio renderer error please restart your computer

  1. Go to the Start Button and click on the settings
  2. Go to Update and Security
  3. Choose the Troubleshoot, in the left side panel.
  4. Select the Playing Audio and Run the troubleshooter.
  5. Wait to finish the process and Restart your PC.

This is another method where it helps some of the users to overcome the issue.

Update/Reset/Rollback the audio device

Update the Audio Driver

The video can’t be played and shows an audio renderer error on windows if the drivers are outdated, corrupted, or missing. So, to overcome these errors, you have to update the audio drivers.

There is also another alternative to save your time and energy, Where Driver Booster is the best advantage, which is best to find, download, and installer to download the available and compatible device drivers.

if you don’t know the process to install the Driver Booster, go through the steps that I mention below,

audio renderer error youtube

  1. Download, Install and Run the driver booster.
  2. When the driver booster opens, Click Scan, all the outdated, missing, and corrupted device drivers will be searched by the booster driver.
  3. from the outdated device drivers, search for Sound, Video, and Game controllers and click on update.

The driver’s booster will update the outdated audio driver. The is the one technique where it can able to solve the audio renderer errors.

Reset the Audio Device

I Suggests that is one of the techniques that worked for the other user who has a problem rendering audio. This might be helpful for you to overcome the issue. Enabling and disabling the audio driver have a chance to enable the audio drivers to work back properly without any issues.

audio renderer error youtube

  1. Go to the Device Manager.
  2. Expand  Audio Input and Outputs.
  3. Right-click on the audio devices.
  4. Click on the device to disable it.
  5. A few seconds later, again enable the device.

If this doesn’t work go to the next process mentioned below,

Roll back the audio driver

To Rollback your driver, As mentioned in the above reset method  after selecting the device manager,

audio renderer error voicemeeter

  1. Click on Properties.
  2. Go to the Driver tab.
  3. Select the Roll Back Driver Click, and follow the ON-Screen instructions.

In this technique, you will be able to resolve the audio rendering issue.

Uninstall the audio drivers

The audio rendering error will cause audio problems in your device. In case if you are facing these problems, you should uninstall the audio devices, uninstalling the audio devices will also force you to reinstall the audio devices, which will fix the driver issues on your PC.

If you’re encountered the problem “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer”, You can try the installation of the drivers. If you bother how to uninstall the drivers, you could follow the following steps;

Step 1: Press Windows log key + R keys on the keyboard. Type dvgmt.msc and click the enter to open the Device Manager

Step 2: Expand the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers and double-click on the audio adapters.

audio renderer error windows 7

Step 3: Then select Uninstall and click on the uninstall device, follow the prompts to finish the process.

Step 4: Restart your device (computer), after restarting the drivers will be reinstalled automatically.

After turning on your PC, check whether your youtube audio rendering issue is fixed.


The methods have been listed above can be helpful, How to fix the “Audio Renderer Error”  issue,  and hope one of them can work with you to resolve the issue. In this article anyone technique is will be helpful for you to resolve the troubleshoot your problem. If you still have any problem comment us in the comment section. Visit our Techy2Tech for more information.

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