What is AppVShNotify.exe and should I Disable it?

Want to know what is AppVShNotify.exe? AppVshNotify.exe is not a virus and is part of a software called Microsoft Application Virtualization(App-V). It executes under the User Account. The Full form Of the AppVShNotify Is Application Virtualisation Shell Notify. It starts execution during the user session that any app will integrate and running Until and unless the user logout.

AppVShNotify background Service which is used by Microsoft. It is only used by the Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), which notifies when an action is performed.


It is a similar file and utilizes the .exe extension, which is an executable file. Where the name itself suggests .exe is an executable file. Execute files, In some cases may harm your computer. So, it is better to check where AppVShNotify.exe is a Trojan or file belonging to Microsoft or any trusted application. Still, you didn’t get what is AppVShNotify.exe? or appvshnotify.exe what is it?  let’s know briefly about it.

AppVShNotify.exe File Information

AppVShNotify.exe is not an essential file for windows and may also cause some harm for the computer to function properly. They may be harmful. Even some malware camouflages itself as an AppVShNotify particularly when located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder.  So in this article, we will try to find out that malware if any.

Location and file Size

AppVShNotify is located within the subfolder of “C:\Program Files\Common Files” or sometimes resides in the file location of “C:\Program Files\Common Files” in Windows 10, 8, 7 or in window XP.

appvshnotify.exe what is it

The name of the file is AppVShNotify.exe is a Microsoft Application Virtualization(App-V), with a size of  226MB with a product name “Windows Operating System” owned by Microsoft.

Is AppVShNotify.exe is a malware or safe

Sometimes, AppVShNotify.exe may disguise like Malware on the computer. Most Probably it behaves as malware, In those cases, you will receive notifications or error messages. this  might be in the following format,

  • AppVShNotify fails to run or initialize.
  • AppVShNotify is not a valid application
  • Application error
  • AppVShNotify couldn’t be installed

This notifies that AppVShNotify.exe is not able to start and the process is terminated. So, in these, you need to check the location of the AppVShNotify.exe. if it is not located in the computer files then it is malware and you need to alarm because your computer is at extreme risk.

Common Errors

Listed below are the common  errors of the AppVShNotify.exe file that occurs, which are as follows:

  • AppVShNotify.exe abruptly stops.
  • A message Appear stating that AppVShNotify.exe is not a valid application.
  • .exe application error will occur and it doesn’t execute the file.
  • The file Canot finds in its current location, and may also found is in another location,
  • The program may fail to start times and can’t run the application.

how to fix AppVShNotify.exe

  • To fix the AppVShNotify.exe we need to run the system file checker. here are the steps to be followed
  • Press and hold the Windows + S button to open the search box and type Cmd in the text field.what is appvshnotify.exe
  • Right Click on it and choose Run as an administrator.appvshnotify.exe appvshnotify
  • In the command box type Sfc or scannow and let all your files be scanned and fix the errors if any.

Should I disable AppVShNotify.exe?

No, it is not necessary to remove AppVShNotify.exe from your computer when it is in its proper location and will have only an 8% chance to harm your computer. But 10% of the people had deleted the AppVShNotify.exe from their computer. If you want to disable then you can. Using the task manager you can find the threat.

How to remove the AppVShNotify.exe on your computer here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • First, you have to open the control panel.
  • In a program, choose to uninstall the programs in windows 7,8,10, or add or remove the program in Windows XP.appvshnotify.exe disable
  • Search for the program Microsoft Application Virtualisation.
  • Right-click on it and choose to uninstall the program.

Check if  the file is authorized

Now, it knows how to check if the service is legit or any other malware that affects your computer. So, first of all, you need to check if the file source is digitally signed by the legitimate source. Digital signatures verify of the application are from the authorized publisher and not prove to malware.windows 10 appvshnotify.exe

Further, if you can see the publisher of the software is unknown and doesn’t have a valid program name. Mostly the verified applications don’t provide the file name as an application name for which they have requested access. Instead, the full name of the program is listed along with the publisher. If you have found any of the unauthorized software, Then follow the below method to check if your computer found any of the unwanted or unauthorized software.

Do the Malware Scan

There are many ways to remove illegal software from the computer, The numerous good software available to remove illegal software. You can download any software from Malware bytes or any good antivirus software you know. So, here we use the Microsoft security scanner to check the malware or infected files if any.

Microsoft security scanner is used to scan and remove the malware that is presented on your computer. Remember that this software and do not substitute to remove the regular antivirus, it only runs when it is triggered but has the latest upgrades, we only recommended downloading the latest version as virus versions are updated frequently. here are the steps to be followed

  • Let’s move to the Microsoft official website and download the Microsoft safety scanner. Make sure if you’re downloading the correct software by selecting the bits.
  • The file is around 120MB and download it to the accessible file location and click on the .exe to run.appvshnotify.exe process
  • Let the scanning be finishing completely, it will notify you immediately if any malware is found on your computer.

Have a Look:


Some malware camouflages itself as an AppVShNotify.exe particularly when located in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. Therefore you need to check the AppVShNotify process on your computer too if it is a threat. Hope the above article will be helping you to know what is AppVShNotify.exe and remove it if it is a threat. For more information visit our Techy2tech website.

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