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Whether for study purposes, to make a presentation at work or to prepare a tutorial, diagrams and maps are very useful tools for better organize information and make it more visual. Usually, when we think of making a diagram on a computer, we think of programs like Power Point or Microsoft Word, but today there are many applications that we can use to make much more colorful, aesthetic and attractive diagrams.

In this TecVideos article we will introduce you to some drawing apps free and online very practical and intuitive. They are programs that are used to create conceptual and mental maps and capture ideas graphically. They are available for different operating systems and provide numerous functionalities.

Applications to make free schemes on the computer

The computer is the ideal place to create a mental or conceptual scheme, since it is easier to handle and has a large screen where you can better appreciate the details. Of course, it is important to choose programs that offer you functionalities according to your needs. Next, we will present some apps to make diagrams on pc free:


A perfect free software application for create concept maps, mind maps and charts. It has a wide variety of functions to develop attractive, intuitive and easy to visualize designs. In addition, it is possible to share the maps and use various text formats, as well as print them.

It is a very practical tool for collaborative work that is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It also has a portable version that does not require installation.

Applications to make diagrams - Applications to make diagrams free on the computer


One of the most popular programs of the moment to create diagrams and conceptual maps. The main advantage is that it is a application to make diagrams online which does not require installation. The only requirement to use its tools is to open an account on the platform.

This page allows you to design maps, enhance your creativity and do individual and team work. It’s a free website, although there are some premium licensed images, but they do not cost more than 1$. In addition, you can also subscribe monthly to have access to all the paid images, although there are very good free options that will be enough for you.


A very intuitive software to create concept maps, mind maps, organization charts, flow charts, among others. It is not necessary to pay it because it gives you a trial version at no cost. It is a good option if you do not need the program for continuous use, but only at a specific time.

You will have more than 4,500 templates and the program works for Linux, macOS and Windows. It is very easy to use, it structures the information in an intuitive way and it gives you many tools to work with. Finally, it is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox.


Another program that has a free version, although this time it is not a trial version. It is a basic unlimited plan, but inside you will find approximately 1,000 templates to work with. You will be able to create diagrams, schemes and maps with professional finishes, either in your desktop app or on your website.

It is an ideal platform to plan projects, work in collaboration with other people and promote brainstorm.

Inspiration 10

One of the most didactic applications to make diagrams, and also one of the oldest. Its first version came out in 1988 and, since then, it has received numerous updates. It is a widely used program. school and academic environment as a learning tool.

Its interface is friendly, simple and among its interesting features is the possibility of making audio recordings. In addition, it supports export files to Microsoft Word.


As its name suggests, it is a tool developed to build mind maps, concept maps, and schemas. An interesting fact is that it was created by the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, an organization in Florida. Thanks to its functionality, it is used by companies and educational institutions.

One of its advantages is that it is compatible with media filescollaborative editions in real time and web pages.


Coggle is a tool similar to Canva, since you can use it online. There are two paid versions, but also a free plan that gives you 3 exclusive diagrams and unlimited use of public templates.

As is characteristic of these programs, it is used to import and export text, collaborate in real time, create notes, among others.

Apps to make diagrams on Android

If you prefer your mobile phone to your computer, or you don’t have a PC, there are also several interesting alternatives for Android that you can also use on your tablets. These are some of the applications to make conceptual schemes in Android what you can try:


One of the most useful applications to organize your mind by creating concept maps and diagrams. It is possible to plan projects, prepare speeches and make quick drafts. It has elements that work with hierarchy, it has images, notes and many additional functions.

It is a very visual application, pleasing to the eye and easy to use. As export method it uses the PDF file, which is unalterable. Without a doubt, a very simple application, but at the same time complete.


Another great app for making schematics where you don’t have to pay or even register to use its interface. Is an application intuitive, very pretty and nice that facilitates the design of concept maps. You just have to put your mind to work and put your ideas on the screen.

There are default templates, hierarchy levels and different resources that will make the scheme more attractive. Finally, you can save the result in PDF or JPG formats, as well as share it on google drive.


an app simple, intuitive and with multiple templates to choose. It has the basic and typical functions of this type of app, but with a different colored interface. It gives you the opportunity to create collaborative diagrams, as well as maps, in real time, enhancing teamwork.


That’s right, the same application for computer also available on your phone android mobile. This is due to the popularity and more than a decade that this app has been on the market. The functions are identical and the operation just as intuitive.

Schemas and concept maps are very useful learning tools. If you want to make a presentation or a tutorial, our article on the best Apps to record screen on Android may also be useful to you.

Schematic Making Apps - Schematic Making Apps for Android

iOS Schematic Apps

It doesn’t matter if you want to plan a project, organize a trip or capture any kind of idea. Having an outliner on your iPhone or iPad can help you be more productive and get your ideas across quickly, elegantly, and easily. Here we show you several iPad schematic apps or iPhone:


One of the best mind and concept mapping apps. It is available for phones, tablets and smart watches. With it, it is possible to share the maps with co-workers, students and friends, as well as collaborate in real time.

Schemes are automatically synced through your online account.


An application that will help you remember information, organize ideas and create new ones. It has a very attractive and well-kept design that hooks the user in a matter of seconds. The platform is intuitive and supports synchronization with Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and even One Drive.


A very practical tool to create mind maps, concept maps and schemes, but it doesn’t stop there. Actually, it is a much more complete platform, designed for a visual and total work management. It will help you to increase productivity and enhance creativity.


Ease and aesthetics are the two main features of this app to make diagrams. It is very easy to use, with attractive colors and a variety of designs that will be of interest to you. very useful for organizing ideas. The program is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.


We close with an application that you have already seen in this article, but in its online version. Now, there is also an exclusive mobile application for the iOS operating system. It works the same way, with a lot of ease, eye-catching designs, and completely free of charge.

If you want to use photos for your outlines or edit images to make your projects more attractive, here is an article with the best photo editors for iPhone.

Schematic Apps - iOS Schematic Apps

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