Android Multi Tools 2021 Latest Version With Drivers

Android Multi Tools: Today, if you have seen a lot of users were the fan of Android OS. That means billions in the number using the Smart devices which have Android OS. And they to secure their data, always try to opt and create either the unique PIN number or pattern lock.

So once the lock is established, you have to just enter it so that it can open and access it accordingly. What if you forget the PIN or pattern you set before? Is there any possibility to unlock your device? Well, if in that case, first of all, don’t get disappointed at the same time panic!!! Have patience and think over the solution which greatly helps to unlock the device.

android multi tools

Yes, exactly!! If you couldn’t find the solution also do not worry. I am going to provide an absolute or excellent solution which in less time solves the issue. None other than called an Android Multi-tools. what exactly it is and how it is going to be useful for us is however going to be learned right here. So, are you ready? If yes, here we go!!


What is Android Multi Tools 2021

As we discussed, the Android Multi-tools 100% helps to remove the PIN or pattern when you forgot. Yes, exactly!!! This tool perfectly removes the Pattern/ PIN that you have fixed in the Android device. Besides this, you can also check various software/ hardware details of the one respective device and many more can be learned easily!!!

android multi tools latest version

Features like resetting the Android, displaying the data like Android version, IMEI, and mobile number respectively. Other things like drivers, verifying device status, resetting the forgotten Gmail ID, rebooting by performing a single click and various can be done. Noting down all this information, let us undergo various requirements and download the process provided over here.

Requirements to download android Multi-tools software

Before moving to the download process, there are certain requirements to be noted and equally to be gathered needed for downloading Android Multi Tools without facing any kind of trouble especially when the process is in the middle.

  • Windows XP/7/8.
  • Strong internet connectivity with high signal strength.
  • Sufficient storage apace.

How to Download Android Multi Tools Latest Version

Well, the download process is so simple to understand and follow. Just go through the steps one by one to complete the whole process successfully.

  • In the first step, open any of the web browsers and type the Android multi-tools latest version.
  • Once you have located it, download the file immediately without wasting your time.
  • Wait till the whole download process gets complete successfully.
  • Now extract the files to anywhere of the system or directly to the Desktop.

how to use android multi tools

  • After the installation process, tap on the name called Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe.
  • Run the file.
  • It prompts certain permissions. Allow them.
  • The tool successfully opens and GUI will be finally presented on the screen.

How to use Android Multi Tools Latest Version

The process is very simple. Go through the instructions one by one and implement the same to avoid the sudden issues or disturbances. So, are you ready? If your answer to this is yes, let’s go!!!

  • In the first step, you are requested to download the Android SDK in your system.
  • Wait till the download process gets completed.
  • Now allow by enabling the USB debugging by moving to the settings page available in your phone.
  • Connect the system with your mobile by taking the help of USB cable.
  • Once the whole thing is done, you are requested to open the folder called Android Multi Tools v1.02b downloaded in previous.
  • In that, you can notice the executive file available in terms of Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe. Open it and begin the whole installation process.

how to download android multi tools

  • You can see the Command prompt appearing on the screen. And when you press the numbers 5 or 8, you’re going to delete the complete mobile data.
  • At last, if you want to check the device status, then you are requested to type 1 and press enter.
  • That’s all!!!

ADB and Fastboot Drivers

Do you have come across ever regarding ADB or else Fastboot drivers? They can be downloaded very much easier as mentioned below. So, go through the instructions and download right away without wasting all your valuable time.

  • In the first step, you need to download the entire ADB setup.
  • Once the process gets completed, run it as administrator.
  • Now do press yes/ Y to install both ADB and Fastboot.  Click No/ N to skip the installation process.
  • And then again click Y/ yes to install the ADB system and N/ No to skip the installation process.
  • Now again click on Y/ Yes to install the entire drivers and N/ No to skip the installation process.
  • Click on continue and complete the whole installation process.
  • That’s all!!! You’re perfectly done with the process.


According to my views, the information or data shared here is very clear and understandable. If still any doubts or failed to download by facing some or other error, do share with us. So that we might help in solving out. Also, if you are likely to learn more details, we will help in updating the things you need in the right time. Thank you. Like, Share through any of the social networking sites for helping one or another much better and also with your friends who especially are in need of this tool. Stay in touch with Techy2Tech for learning more and more interesting things posted over here.

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