9 incredible TRICKS for PlayStation 4 and Dualshock 4

By Tecvideos Editorial. May 6, 2021

9 incredible tricks for PlayStation 4 and Dualshock 4

What PS4 cheats are there? In this Tecvideos article, we bring you the top 9 of the best tricks for the PS4 and Dualshock 4.

It is a series of novel tricks that, in addition, are free and are super useful, do not miss them! You will know everything you can do to improve and personalize your game console or controller in a very simple and practical way.


Changing the wallpaper

  • From the PS4 you can go to https://pixabay.com/es/ and choose an image.
  • Open it fully, press R3.
  • Capture the Play screen.
  • Go to the screenshot gallery and select “All”. There you will see the image.
  • Select the image.
  • Press Start and then “Select as background image”.
  • Then click “Apply”.

Receive connection notifications from friends

  • Enter your PS4 to “Settings”.
  • Enter “Notifications”.
  • Select “Notifications when friends connect”.
  • Choose the friends you want to receive the notification from and click “Confirm”.

PS4 care

  • Once you’re done playing, take the disc out of the game console.
  • Do not place the game console boxed. You must leave a prudent space for the air to circulate around it.
  • When you are not playing, cover the PS4 with a cloth to prevent dust from getting inside.

Compare between the best players

  • Go to “Trophies” on the PS4.
  • Select “Compare Trophies” and choose the friends you want to compare.
  • Click on the specific section where you want to meet the best and you will see the list.

Putting the controller to sleep without wasting battery

  • Hold down the PS button on your controller for about 10 seconds.
  • It will automatically turn off.

play ps4 on mobile phone

  • Download the RemotePlay app on the phone.
  • Open the app and pair the device with your PS4.
  • If it does not detect it, go to “Settings” on the PS4.
  • You must select where it says Remote Play Connection Settings.
  • Tap “Turn on remote play” and then tap “Add device.”
  • You will see a series of numbers that you must place on the cell phone to finalize the link.

Have free PlayStation Plus

  • Press the PS button.
  • Select “Power” and “Switch User”.
  • Create a new user.
  • Press the button indicating that this is your first time using PlayStation Network.
  • Click “Enroll Now”.
  • Enter the information requested (remember to enter that you are of legal age).
  • Indicates the email account that must end in @yopmail and the password.
  • Keep accepting the steps.
  • When you get to the email verification, go online and check the yopmail you put in the account.
  • Open the PlayStation mail and confirm the account.
  • On PS4, press “Already verified” and then “Continue.
  • Accept everything that appears in the system.
  • Enter the Play Store.
  • Look in the “Payment methods” menu.
  • Enter your PayPal account details and accept everything.
  • Enter the PlayStore again and choose “Search”.
  • Select 1 and 4.
  • Give where it says “PlayStation Plus: 14-day trial.
  • Click “Proceed to checkout” twice.
  • Then you give him continue.
  • Before the 14 days expire, go to payment methods and enter the password.
  • Delete the PayPal account.
  • Then, you repeat the whole process from the beginning and that’s it.

Appear offline while playing

This is one of the PlayStation 4 things you should know about:

  • Go to the profile on the PS4.
  • Select the “Set Online Status” button.
  • Click “Show Offline.”
  • Another method is: before entering the profile, press Start.
  • Select “Enter as offline status”.

Customize controller light

This is one of the 9 little-known PS4 and Dualshock 4 stuff:

  • Access the PIXLR page.
  • Select “Create a new image”.
  • Open the image that you will find in the description of the video.
  • Transfer this image to the white background you have created.
  • Place and adjust an image or text you want.
  • Save the image.
  • Print the image and cut out the drawing.
  • Paste the drawing on a sticker and cut out the image without breaking the edges.
  • Paint the sticker black.
  • Paste it on the part where you can see the light of the controller.

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