7 New PlayStation 3 Inventions and Tricks

New inventions or accessories for the PS3

If you wonder what accessories there are for PlayStation 3, it’s because there are things you don’t know about your PS3. We present new features that you can incorporate into your device to improve gameplay.

Let’s see the 7 best inventions and tricks of PlayStation 3. These inventions are for the truly passionate gamers, fans of PlayStation 3, so they can update, improve, enhance and rediscover their device.

In this Tecvideos article, you will discover the 7 best and cheapest PS3 accessories. The accessories have very low prices so incorporating them into your PS3 won’t be difficult at all and you’ll enjoy your DualSchock and game console at a much higher and unexpected level.


controller adapter

This invention will be useful to those who have had the PS2 and still have the PlayStation 2 controller. It consists of an adapter, as you can see in the video that you will find at the end of the article, so you can use your PS2 controller with your PlayStation 3. Its price is 1.41 euros.

All the tricks that we will see in this article are very cheap accessories and inventions that will allow you to improve the gameplay.

headphone usb adapter

This invention is ideal for those who like to play with headphones. It is a USB adapter to which you can connect headphones with a minijack and the adapter to your PS3. You can control the volume and headphones with this excellent adapter. Its price is 0.84 euros.

Button Extender Adapters

This PS3 invention or trick is to improve your games. They are L2 and R2 extenders that allow you to lengthen these buttons because, if you didn’t know, you have more flexibility in shooting, for example. With this invention, you can shoot faster and play better. It costs 0.90 euros, it is one of the cheapest PS3 accessories.

short circuit protection device

It is an adapter / switch that serves so there is no short circuit with your PS3. It connects to your PS3 and from there to the socket. For example, if there were to be a short circuit in your building or house, this accessory would serve as a protector for the game console. It is also a very cheap PS3 invention: its price is 1.86 euros.

Adapter with USB ports

This PS3 invention is for those who like to connect various things to the PlayStation 3. It is a dockable adapter with several USB ports – five in all. You can connect multiple devices such as the cell phone, the PS3 controller, the hard drive, usb. The price is a little higher than the previous ones, but it is still a very cheap tool for PS3: it costs 4.29 euros.

mobile clip

This is a clip or hook so you can attach your mobile phone to your controller. You can thus play on your phone with the PS3 controller. It is made especially for this PlayStation version. Its price is 1.72 euros, so it is also one of the cheapest inventions for PlayStation 3.

headphones with microphone

It is an accessory that consists of a headset with a microphone. They are the cheapest ones that we have seen in the market. You will be able to use them to play on your PS3. It has cables and a microphone so you can talk to your friends. It costs 2.70 euros.

These inventions or accessories provide better game quality, allow connections and coupling between devices and can be easily purchased because they are very cheap.

Next, you will find a video in which you can see all the inventions.

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