7 Cheap Amazon Inventions

cheap amazon inventions

Today we are going to learn about various inventions, products or accessories that, in addition to being incredible, are cheap internet inventions and useful.

In addition, the truth is that it is curious that such cheap and functional products can be sold, but the reality is that Internet sellers are always one step ahead. So, get how and let’s start with this top:


bottle opener with trigger

A less curious product that we can find at as low as $1.99. In addition to offering us the possibility of opening the caps or nozzles of glass bottles, it has a new and fun function that is the trigger.

And yes, you read it right. It has a trigger so you can have fun and throw the bottle caps you open at your friends or family.

Cheap Amazon inventions - Bottle opener with trigger

Card Shaped Folding Blade

Another of the cheapest Internet revolutionary inventions out there. Its card shape makes it very simple and comfortable transporting it, since we can insert it in our wallet as if it were a card.

That is why, as its own name says, it is a blade or knife, whose function is to cut or crack any surface or material that you need. So as incredible as it sounds, it’s true! And best of all: it costs only 0.75 dollars or almost 0.50 euro cents.

Cheap Amazon Inventions - Card Shaped Folding Knife

defense tactical pen

This other invention has a value of 3 dollars or euros. Its function, in addition to being a pen, is to be able to break any glass, crystal or very hard material and resistant.

Therefore, it is a metallic pen, which due to its great hardness will allow you to protect yourself or break a glass in an emergency. An example would be in the event that you have a bus or car accident etc.

Cheap Amazon Inventions - Defense Tactical Pen

Rubik’s cube that gives cramps

Another quite curious and daring product among these Amazon inventions, since it is not just any cube. As the name says, what it does is give cramps to anyone who tries to solve or finish the game of this cube.

It is certainly a cute and funny toy with which you can prank your friends, family or anyone you know who loves Rubik’s cubes. In addition, you will find it for only 3 or 6 dollars.

Cheap Amazon Inventions - Cramping Rubik's Cube

bicycle wheel lights

Another cheap accessory from the internet store that, once you know, you will love. Yes, you are going to love it because it is nothing more and nothing less than lights, which in a very colorful way will make your bicycle, car or motorcycle be tuned and very well lit in the dark.

survival lighter with mirror

A lighter or cigarette lighter that will undoubtedly save you from great trouble when you are in the mountains or in areas without electricity or plugs.

Without having any type of fuel or mechanism inside, you will love this cheap mirror lighter from the Internet, since putting it in the sun will allow you to heat and burn any object what you need What is the price? Just 3 dollars or euros.

Mobile phone charger with crank

This is one of the best-selling cheap Internet inventions. If you have ever run out of battery and needed to charge your phone, this product will save your life. Connect it to your cell phone and start turning the crank… That’s it! the appliance will start generating current and charge your phone again.

Cheap Amazon Inventions - Crank Mobile Phone Charger

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