6 offline games for iOS and Android

Games without internet to download

do you want to take funny Games everywhere without having to worry about your mobile data? At Tecvideos we have prepared this list of very entertaining offline games that will guarantee you hours of fun on any trip or situation where you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi connection.

you will have options for iOS and Android, as well as games of different genres to cover all your gamer needs. Keep reading and discover the best offline games to download!


off the road

One of the most adventurous and crazy car games that we have in the PlayStore and Appstore. It all starts on a ship in the sea, which takes you to an island where you have to find your best car and start doing missions.

The fun thing about this car game without internet is that it has multiple missions, details and areas to discover and destroy, where you will find enemies with other cars that will try to do everything possible to destroy yours.

Therefore, get coins and do everything in your power to get the best car of all and be the leader of the island.

Download Offroad here.

Games without internet to download - Off the road

Ire: Blood Memory

without a doubt a very atypical game and at the same time chilling. You begin by controlling a fighter in the gloomy hell of a city full of monsters, zombies and very ruthless beings.

Your main objective is to be able to survive all the missions that you find, avoiding being killed by the great and terrible enemies that you are going to see. For this, it is very important that you improve all the armor and weapons of your hero, making you become one of the invincible leaders. of this action game for android without internet. oh! And also for iPhone.

Download Ire: Blood Memory here.

Games without internet to download - Ire: Blood Memory

slap kings

We completely changed the subject to talk about the best funniest and liveliest game without data. As I said, it is a very surprising game, since the main objective is to hit and smack your opponents with the initiative of being the strongest hitter of all.

To be able to play this game, you just need to be quick and agile, since the player who hits the best shots will be the winner of all the battles.

Download Slap Kings here.

Dead Effects 2

We return to the fray with an incredible action game that will not leave you indifferent. East zombie game for mobile without data is undoubtedly one of the games with the best graphics and playability in the entire PlayStore and AppStore.

To begin with, you are going to find yourself totally stunned with a first-person character. You wake up and the first thing you have to do is get away from that sinister ship. It is easy? No! There are many monsters and zombies that you will find, since they have practically killed all the survivors of the spaceship. Having said that, you already know what your objective is… make it out alive by following the advice of your faithful companion!

Download Dead Effects 2 here.

Games without internet to download - Dead Effects 2


we are already with the fifth game of this top and we come with a game without data or wifi in the style of fights. The story begins with your big, beefy fighter, where a little Chinaman asks you to help him not get caught.

What is the difficulty? You will find a tremendous wave of enemies, in which there are from Chinese swordsmen to sumos with shields and hammers. So now you know, start protecting your partner and find out how long you can stay alive.

Download Shaq Fu here.

Happy Wheels

If you have ever seen the typical videos that El Rubius uploaded in his moments of growth, I am sure that this game will at least be familiar to you.

It is one of the fun and difficult offline games without internet in which you have to control different characters with a single objective: to cross obstacles without ending up being hit or eliminated.

Although it may seem like a simple task, I assure you that you will have fun and at the same time get frustrated when you see that the traps and difficulties of this game are many and crazy. Just have fun and enjoy this super game for Android or iPhones.

Download Happy Wheels here.

Games without internet to download - Happy Wheels

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