5 cheap Playstation compatible controllers

5 cheap PlayStation 4 compatible controllers

When we talk about the PlayStation 4, everyone’s eyes light up from the love we have for our game console. If your original controller has been damaged at any time or you want to have more controllers to play with your friends, at Tecvideos we bring you the Cheapest and most reliable PlayStation 4 compatible controllers of the entire market.

Indeed, you have read the title correctly, we are going to talk about the 5 cheaper controllers and a copy of the original Dualshock 4. These reliable controls have features that have nothing to envy to the original Sony remote.


Cheap and reliable PlayStation 4 controllers

One of the compatible PlayStation 4 controls that you will like the most is the control Scuf Elite Controller. It’s about a dualshock with scuf levers and a very different design from the original PlayStation 4 controller. Likewise, this controller has nothing to envy to the official Sony controller, since it incorporates all the features and functions, among which we find the wireless connection and an extra that is the fact of being Scuf.

In other words, with this PS4 controller you will be able to configure the fire and control buttons on the levers that you will find at the bottom.

you can find it at a price of about 39 dollars American people.

Cheapest Chinese Dualshock 4 on Aliexpress

The $19 Chinese PS4 Controller: We go with another command completely different from the first one we mentioned. In this case, as you have read in the title, it is the cheapest Chinese dualshock 4 in the world, with features and functions that break the lines of the market.

Why do I say this? Well, well, I have managed to find specifically a seller from China, who has been marketing one of the most reliable PlayStation 4 compatible controllers on the market Hispanic.

In this sense, we find a controller that is aesthetically and design-wise the same as the original PS4 controller, also including the original touch pad, buttons, joysticks and even a vibration motor and wireless functions.

On the other hand, the seller has great reliability, which is backed by the more than 14,000 sales and 5,000 opinions that you will find in his store. All this for a price of 19 euros or 20 approximate dollars.

The Chinese Scuf Remote that works perfectly

We return with another of the Cheapest Scuf remotes on the internet. In this case, it is a controller with a very different design from the original Dualshock 4, having a much closer resemblance to that of its competition: Xbox One.

Surely it sounds strange to you, and it is! It is a PlayStation 4 control of Asian origin and with unbeatable functions: motor included, non-touch touch panel but with “click” type operation, action buttons and watch out! because it includes 2 joysticks in an identical position to those of the Xbox, along with some directional arrows located between the joysticks.

Now, if your curiosity is the price and reliability of the seller, I return to the same as before. This is a price of 39 dollars or 40 euros with free shipping to everyone and with a reliability of 10 guaranteed by the many buyers who have already purchased it and who have assured it.

If this controller is of interest to you, purchase it from this link: PS4 6 Axis Elite Controller.

5 Cheap PlayStation 4 Compatible Controllers - The Chinese Scuf Controller That Works Perfect

Cheap, wireless and reliable PS4 controller

This command is a new and curious option that leaves everyone who acquires it stunned. The main reason for this is that it is one of the compatible playstation 4 controllers that it has better resistance, and that also offers a non-sweating system so that when you use it your hands do not sweat.

As for its specifications and main features, we find the same as those of an official PS4 controller. That is, it has the function of being used wirelessly via bluetooth, all the buttons and motorized system, built-in speaker, etc.

Without a doubt, it is a control that has nothing to envy the Dualshock 4 and that, in addition, we have discovered several highly reliable vendors that are marketing it all over the world. That said, it only remains to indicate that it has a unbeatable price of 20 dollarssomething difficult to believe but even though it is not very credible, it is true.

You can find it here: ps4 wireless controller.

5 Cheap PlayStation 4 Compatible Controllers - Cheap, Wireless and Reliable PS4 Controller

Wired PS4 compatible controller

we finished this top 5 best Chinese controllers for the PlayStation 4 presenting you this PS4 controller. It is the cheapest controller that you will find both in this post and in the entire market, since even incorporating all the functions of the official PS4 controller, it does not include the option of being wireless, so you will have to always use it connected to a cable.

However, this is not a problem for those of you who are looking for a secondary PlayStation controller or who do not mind playing your favorite game console through the long cable that comes with it.

It also has multiple and attractive designs, which are hidden under an incredible price of 11 US dollars.

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