25 Recommended Games You Should Try On Android

25 Recommended Games You Should Try On Android

In this article we are going to talk about some recommended games for Android, so that you spend excellent hours in front of the screen. If you are already tired of the typical games and the classics, there are other very good alternatives.

There is a wide variety of games for Android, so you can choose without problems based on your tastes and preferences. However, we have chosen a brief list with the best 25 Recommended games you should try on Android. Which one catches your attention the most? Did you know them all?



A online shooting game and in real time where you will have to test your skills. As a consequence, there are hours of play guaranteed, with very striking and beautiful graphics. Download it here.

Rules of Survival

If you think you have what it takes to survive, try this excellent arena battle game. In fact, it’s a Fortnite-like game, although the requirements are not that high. Download it here.

25 Recommended Games You Must Try On Android - Rules of Survival

Clumsy Climber

For lovers of arcade games, this installment is unmissable and quite funny. In addition, it has quite accessible requirements for most users. Download it here.

A Night in the Office

One of the most played horror games today, with excellent hours of fun. As a result, we recommend that you give this title a try, you won’t regret it. Download it here.

War Wings

Another of the best android games focused on the dogfights, that is, you will have to get into the cockpit of a war plane in order to win the games and the battle. Download it here.

Identity V

It is a game much loved by its users, and the truth is that there are quite complicated areas. Likewise, it has very good graphics and it is a light game, perfect for low and medium range terminals. Download it here.

25 Recommended Games You Should Try On Android - Identity V

Hungry Shark Evolution

This is a game that is out of the ordinary, because you will take the role of a shark. Therefore, you will have to devour everything that gets in your way to get your daily food and survive. Download it here.

Snipers vs. Thieves

We present one of the recommended mobile games funniest of the moment, where you are going to play as a sniper. Then, face the most fearsome enemies until you win the game. Download it here.

Faily Tumbler

Another of the recommended funny games for android where you are going to use motorcycles, cars and a very nice character. It’s time for you to start the search for dinosaur eggs, while you spend hours of fun. Download it here.

Sniper 3D

It’s one of the best recommended online games for android what are you going to find He is a multiplayer mobile game, online and free. Do not forget to give it a try, we are sure that you will enjoy it. Download it here.

25 Recommended Games You Must Try On Android - Sniper 3D

Other recommended games for Android

These are the standout games, but we’re not done yet. To conclude, we will leave a final list with other recommended android games you can try:

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