18 Games similar to GTA 5 with open map and FREE

18 Games similar to GTA 5

We know that you like the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. However, you may be looking for similar alternatives to explore other options and keep having fun with new games. Therefore, in this Tecvideos article we share the best games similar to GTA 5 that currently exist.

You will be able to enjoy these games similar to GTA 5 on your mobile phone, computer or game console. Many of them have an open and free map, discover them!


Games equal to Grand Theft Auto 5 for mobile

If you are one of those who prefer to play with your mobile phone while you are on public transport, at home or anywhere else, then we share the most similar games to GTA 5 for Android and iOS:

gangstar new orleans

One of the best games like GTA 5 for mobile. On the initial screen you will have to complete a mission to be able to start to play. In this case, there is a bank robbery and you have to escape from there and from the police in a red car and with a girl.

At the end of this mission, you can choose your character and you will have an area or territory. It consists of conquering different bands. In this case you must eliminate the leader of the French quarter to gain the respect of the city. When you eliminate the final leader you are the new leader of the territory. Without a doubt, this game is very similar to GTA 5. It has a free map and a giant map. You can borrow or remove cars. If you make a lot of noise and attract attention, the police will chase you and you must avoid getting caught.

You have points, goals, stores. As you get money you can buy houses. There are missions to complete, such as eliminating a personality for which they will pay you a lot of money. It is a GTA 5 style game with open map.

You can swim from one side of the city to the other, do a wheelie with the motorcycle and go to the airport, which is very similar to the one in GTA 5.

gangster vegas

Although the name is similar to the previous one, its gameplay is very different. It has several sections. It also starts with a mission to accomplish. The graphics are excellent. Of the games equal to GTA 5 for Android, this is one of the best.

You have to defeat your rival in a boxing ring and then escape from the police. You can play it on a phone that is not high-end. You can play anywhere on the map. You make big jumps with the cars and you can end up in trouble by creating chaos in the traffic.

If you are arrested, you will have to pay money to get out of the hospital. You enter clubs, casinos, climb and climb buildings. You can use cars, planes, helicopters, boats, boats. It’s complete and fun.

Payback 2

There are various options and there is something very interesting like modify the character, your skin color, height, build. It briefly explains how the story works.

With this game similar to GTA 5 for mobile you can decide to do missions, in which case they will tell you what to do or you can do whatever you want. The police are behind you. There are stars like in GTA. You can use loads of weapons and there is a remote control driving car that is a bomb. You have to be the king of the map. It is played online.

Retro City Rampage DX

This is one of the video games that comes closest to open world essence and action from GTA. Of course, we are referring to the first installment, which was in 2D graphics. This is a retro game very attractive, completely unique and a lot of fun.

You are going to enjoy more than 60 missions, 50 cars, 25 weapons, 40 challenges and many powers in this game. In short, it is an unmissable adventure, available in the official Android application store. For many, it is the best mobile phone game that almost perfectly imitates the GTA franchise.

GTA Vice City

In this situation, we present one of the derivatives of the great video game saga. Previously, and still today, it has been a world hit game with millions of players. Fortunately, you can enjoy this title instantly by downloading it directly from the Google store, so it’s another game similar to GTA for Android.

Its price is very accessible and will keep you addicted in front of the screen, living up to its name. Hours of gameplay, custom controls, action, adventure, and controller support await you. It’s time to relive the most enjoyable gaming moments, this time on your mobile phone.

Dude Theft Wars

This is another of the games similar to GTA 5, only one parody version. You will have weapons of all kinds, vehicles, action, monsters and aliens. A sensational open world, entertaining and with little graphic demand. So you don’t need a very powerful mobile to be able to enjoy this title.

As if that were not enough, it is a completely free game available in the app store.

Ganstar River: City of Saints

This is another of the games similar to GTA with the most impact today. For example, you only have to think about the 60 different missions that you will have to pass.

Without a doubt, a game full of entertainment, action and hours of play guaranteed. Don’t stop testing right now.

Games similar to GTA 5 for PC and consoles

No more and no less than one hundred million copies of Grand Thef Auto V have been sold worldwide. Open world, great freedom and the world of crime are the main themes of the entire saga. But there are some games similar to GTA 5 that offer hours of fun, entertainment and good gameplay.

Obviously, there are different styles, approaches and strengths. Be that as it may, the following installments of video games similar to GTA V do not go unnoticed. It’s time for you to take advantage of them, either on your computer or video game console.


If you have ever wondered which are the best games similar to GTA 5 for PC, you will find them in this article. The acclaimed installment of Rockstar Games, despite having been on the market for several years, is still spectacular. However, if you have already finished it or want to try other alternatives that are not the previous mobile ones, there are many similar games.

Watch Dogs

Both the first and second installments focus on the world of hack informatic. With a spectacular story, many weapons at your disposal, open world, cars and shelters, these games will not let you down. In the first video game you will explore Chicago, while in the second you will be able to walk the streets of San Francisco.

Sleeping Dogs

This is one of the most prominent games similar to GTA 5, since it focuses on the mafia world. In this case, you are going to play a Chinese undercover agent who has to dismantle the criminal empire of Hong Kong. In addition to presenting firearms, he does an excellent approach to close combat.

Red Dead Redemption

It has a sequel, being the same company Rockstar the developer. A sensational open world, an unrivaled narrative and incredible graphics will not be missing.


Based on the homonymous film, you already know who you are going to embody. Nothing more and nothing less than Tony Montana (Al Pacino), with a great thirst for revenge. It is a game that allows you to destroy everything you come across and conquer territories, money, weapons and drugs. Without a doubt, it is a title very similar to GTA.


Only by mentioning the name it can be said that it is one of the best games similar to GTA 5. This saga has three different deliveries that tell different stories. Therefore, you are going to enjoy multiple narratives, combats and scenarios.

Saint’s Row

This is another of the most memorable titles. It’s a fun, wacky game with a real personality, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

GTA San Andreas

There are probably no games like GTA 5 more memorable than one of the franchise’s high-impact installments. GTA San Andreas is a title played by people of all kinds and in any part of the world. Even if you beat all the main story and side quests, you were still playing for hours and hours.

In fact, many of the fans of the saga still play it today, either on console or on the computer.

Games similar to GTA 5 open world

Another aspect that we can highlight about games similar to GTA is the open world environment. It’s true, the world of the mafia, crime and gunfights is very striking, but there are other installments that are also successful and that will make you spend hours of fun.

Although the theme is different, the style of play is very similar. You can navigate the world at your disposal, go where you want and when you want. Is about non linear video games where you can complete objectives in the order you prefer. Look at the following alternatives, they are quite striking:

L.A. Noire

We certainly said that we will not talk about the world of crime, but in this case it is the other way around. You will not be playing the role of criminals, but you will be on the side of the law. It is an open world game based on the 40’s, where you will have to solve crimes of all kinds.

It has one of the most outstanding game mechanics, which will make you spend unparalleled moments in front of the screen.

The Saboteur

Nothing better than enjoying a game where you need agility to climb and precision to shoot. It’s a game set in World War II, specifically in the Nazi occupation in Paris. It has a quite striking story, hours of gameplay, hundreds of missions and a sequel that you can’t miss.


It’s in your hands decide between doing good or evil and be considered a hero or villain. Throughout the game, you are going to make different decisions that will change the course of the story. You also have hundreds of quests to do and places to explore, as well as collectibles to find.

Metal Gear Solid V

It is true, you probably think that it does not have much to do with games similar to GTA, at least in terms of gameplay, but when it comes to the variety of weapons, terrains to explore and things to do, you will find many similarities. .

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