15 Games to de-stress and relax your mind

Games to de-stress and relax the mind

It is a fact that there are video games for all types of players, the wide variety of genres and subgenres allow each player, regardless of their preferences or their mood, to find a game that suits what they are looking for. In this case, we bring you 15 games to de-stress and relax your mindsome proposals that will help you disconnect from day to day and take a break.

These games are not meant to be competitive games, nor are they action or shooting games that will keep you on the edge of your seat. On the contrary, these anti stress games they have easy-to-achieve goals, soundtracks full of relaxing pieces, as well as a peaceful or very atmospheric design that will help you forget about problems altogether. Let’s see them!


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

At this point there will be few people who do not know the new installment of the Animal Crossing franchise. the game was a resounding success last yearwas a balm for many users during the confinement and, currently, it continues to enjoy many fans who continue to work to turn their islands into incredible works of design.

The nintendo title takes you to one island full of peace in which you will have to work so that your life there prospers at the same time that the island does, expanding its population and leaving it beautiful. Despite being a title that requires a lot of hours and a lot of dedication, almost like life itself, it is an ideal proposal to clear your mind on the most demanding days.

A Short Hike

Adamgryu’s title is a narrative and contemplative experience. The only objective you will have is to reach the top of a mountain, flying and on foot, while meeting other anthropomorphic beings with whom you can chat and help if they need it.

A Short Hike is a short game that will give you peace of mind, thanks to its music and its beautiful exploration areas. You will be able to discover some of its secrets or participate in one of its mini-games.

If you have a Switch or PC, it is a title that is very worthwhile. Plus, it’s coming out on PS4 soon.


Actually, the Die Gute Fabrik game is not a relaxing proposal as such, but it does have something special in its history and in its mechanics that make it worthy of appearing on this list.

mutation is a narrative game that takes place on an island. The protagonist will arrive on the island to be with his dying grandfather, and on it you will meet its inhabitants while taking care of a series of gardens. We already told you that it is best to take the game calmly to enjoy this adventure.

It is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and iOS.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Playing sports is always a good way to unwind, but if you can’t find the time, you can always go into Lonely Mountains: Downhill. The premise of the Megagon Industries game is simple, you have to descend mountains with a bicycle.

What matters here is enjoying your control, the sound of the environment that surrounds us, in addition to the bicycle, and its visual section.

The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch.


In the list of the best indie games for PS4 we already include Journey, a game in which you travel around desert scenarios without knowing the reason for your adventure. The title has a very immersive visual section that will plunge you into his adventure to find that peace and tranquility while you find out your goal, either alone or in the company of another user.

You will find it available for PlayStation, PC and iOS.

No Man’s Sky

Currently, No Man’s Sky is a more than enjoyable game, thanks to its numerous updates, and it has a good player base. The Hello Games title is based on space exploration, survival and combat. Few better ways we can think of to de-stress than a exploration trip for the different planets that the game contains, and all this from your sofa.

In addition, you can enjoy the title on almost all platforms, as it is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.


The Mojang Studios game also deserves its spot on this list. Minecraft puts in your hand a endless possibilitieswhether it’s building, exploring, meeting other users and their creations, in short, it’s a complete experience.

This gap has been earned on the basis of good, above all, for being a title that gives you total freedom to invest the time of your games as you preferas a good sandbox that it is.

Minecraft is on all platforms, so there are few excuses not to play it.

stardew valley

Eric Barone’s game is basically a farm simulator, but it has more elements that make it a special title. Stardew Valley puts you in the shoes of a character who has just inherited his grandfather’s farm, which will take you to the town where it is located to start a new life, while you fill the farm and all its land with life, and meet the people around you.

Many players take this experience in a much more active way, but it is ideal to de-stress and relax the mind. You will be able to develop your farm, make friends, get married, have children and live a lifetime in Stardew Valley.

fire watch

As in the case of Mutazione, this is not a title that strictly complies with the premise of this article, but in a way we could not afford to leave it out. Annapurna Interactive’s Firewatch puts you in the shoes of Henry, a forest ranger who is on the run from his life and routine. All this leads to a plot with a lot of mystery and a lot of emotion.

If we have decided to include this title in the list, it is because the peace that its landscapes transmit, his walks and many of the talks that the protagonist maintains with his supervisor through a walkie-talkie. A game to relax unique and unforgettable.


Gray is one of those titles that goes a long way with little. The title from the Spanish developer Nomada Studio, led by the Catalan illustrator Conrad Roset, tells a story of self-improvement in which you will have to help a young girl get her colors back that he has lost in his world, and thus overcome his tragedy.

The game was published by Devolver Digital, the company behind titles like Fall Guys, Death’s Door, Enter the Gungeon, and more. Gray will catch you and will relax you for its aesthetics and its musicbut you will stay for everything else.


Abzû is an adventure created to be a totally relaxing experience. The Giant Squid game will take you on a journey through the ocean and through settings that will react to your every step, all accompanied by a range of spectacular colors.

We assure you that this proposal is totally useful to get rid of the routine. Abzû is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Amazon Luna, and PC.

Donut County

Donut County, developed by Ben Esposito, is a physics puzzle game that will get you more than one laugh. The premise of this title is very simple, you will be a raccoon that controls a giant hole with which you will have to absorb everything you find. The more stuff you absorb, the bigger the hole will be.

You see? It is a simple and very fun proposal that will make you have a great time, whether on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android and Switch.


Flower by Thatgamecompany is a game with a simple premise: you are the wind and you have to rock petals of different flowers as you progress through the game. You will be able to enjoy an environment of nature without leaving home, thus living a contemplative and relaxing experience.

The title came out in 2009 and is available for PS3, PS4, PS Vita, PC and iOS.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The flight simulator from Microsoft and Asobo Studio may be one of the simplest and most complex proposals at the same time. You have to prepare well for your next flightbut while you take to the skies you can listen to your favorite music, any podcast or any other type of thing that you want to use as your companion during the flight.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S and, of course, available on Xbox Game Pass.

Death Stranding

We end this list with the title developed by Kojima Productions. Death Stranding may give you the option to shoot yourself, sometimes put you on the ropes with some bosses or have a very important narrative weight, but it is much more than that. Hideo Kojima’s game is a walking simulator that, through its mechanics, challenges you to find the best routes enjoy the trip your way.

Despite its plot base -you will have to put a post-apocalyptic United States of America back together-, the title is perfect for taking a break from everyday life and resting while you see beautiful landscapes of all kinds. In addition, its extended version will be available in September: Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.

Death Stranding is currently available for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows.

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